Streaming Tidal Not Working

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro - 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Google Nest Wifi, Gigabit internet (download > 140 Mbps, upload > 100 Mbps)

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Node (2021)

Number of Tracks in Library

Streaming from Tidal

Description of Issue

Streaming from Tidal is not working via Roon. I can search the Tidal library, but selections will either not play at all or will start only to stop shortly after with a popup saying media is loading slowly. Tidal plays fine from the Bluesound Application and I can stream local files without any problems. Network connections are all excellent with Node showing “Excellent” (optimal) signal strength. I have also tried clearing the cache, restarting the Roon and Tidal applications and restarting the computer without an improvment.

Same here. Tidal stopped playing just before the weekend. Works fine via Sonos app.
Browsing is slow, no sound. Local files works

A reboot of my router solved the issues!

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Hey @Matthew_Nikkinen thank you for letting us know about this, we’re sorry you’re having trouble playing titles from TIDAL. I’m happy to help!

Have you rebooted your Core and router just yet? I see that it helped Audun and is a great first step.

Additionally, what happens if you lower the streaming quality by going to Roon Settings → Services → TIDAL → Edit → Streaming Quality

Do you see improved behavior?

I’ve tried rebooting my Core and Router multiple time (including just now again!) without any improvements. Tidal continues to work fine via the Bluesound application and streaming local files is not an issue.

Thank you for the update @Matthew_Nikkinen!

Do you still receive this message if you lower the streaming quality for TIDAL by going to Roon Settings → Services → TIDAL - > Edit → Streaming quality?

As an additional test, what happens if you connect the Core to the router via ethernet? Do you still receive the errors?

Lowering Tidal SQ from “master” to “hifi” did not improve the playback. Tracks still pause with a notification that the media is loading slowly and the Roon player will randomly advance to the next track.

With respect to my Roon Core, it’s a MacBook Pro and does not have an ethernet cable connection and therefore cannot be connect directly to the Node. Are you suggesting I connect my streamer to the router? If so, this is not possible in my current setup.

Thanks for checking if lowering the streaming quality would help.

We will always recommend a wired connection from the Core to the router, however, we understand when that’s not possible. We were hoping to see if that improved the behavior, as a test. Since you’re not able to, the next step would be to try changing the DNS.

We have seen users have a better experience in the past if they change their Router’s DNS servers from the ISP provided ones to Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS. Can you please give this a try and let me know if it helps?

Thank you, @Matthew_Nikkinen!

It might be too early to say, but I changed the DNS to Cloudflare and it’s stable again. I was previously in an “automatic” setting which switches between my ISP (Telus) and Google. I also pushed the Tidal SQ back to Master and it’s been stable for the last 10 minutes.

I’ll let you know if something comes up again after further testing but I’m optimistic that was the issue.

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I appreciate the update! :blush:

I sure hope that changing the DNS continues to help and that the stable connection holds strong! Certainly, let us know if the issue returns and we can continue troubleshooting, not a problem at all!

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