Streaming to a BT Receiver

Does Roon have the ability to stream to a BT receiver, like the Radsone EarStudio ES100?

Maybe from an android or iOS device it could

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It can, I have streamed from my Android phone to a bluetooth speaker.

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Roon isn’t really streaming directly to the bluetooth device.

You set the bluetooth speaker as the default output device for your phone/laptop/pc/mac or whatever and then send Roon content to that devices zone.


I do the same to my Bluetooth enabled Custom IEM’s via Fiio BTR-3 or my massdrop (now just drop) 2 pin BT wireless setup works a treat

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Any update on this? Would the ES100 work with an iPhone to send to a Bluetooth speaker in a car? I’ve got a 2019 Accord with no Aux In and would love to get slightly better sound quality. @Ali_Shafai any current info ?

Hi Jerry,

I use the ES100 with my iPhone streaming to it in my BMW i3. From the ES100 I am going out from it to the car’s AUX port. Though the iPhone is constrained to outputting via AAC which is believed to not be as good as aptX or certainly it is not as good as aptX HD, it certainly benefits from the ES100.

The difference is night and day, because with the ES100 you can (shape) the sound coming out of your mobile device.

Now, in your specific situation with your Accord not having an AUX port, and if there may be in USB-A port in the car, you can try to experiment to see whether you can output from the ES100 to the car audio system.

Other than that, and if I am understanding your question correctly that you just want to use a portable Bluetooth speaker in the car, you can get a B&O A1 or something even higher end like a Vifa Helsinki or Oslo and with those speakers you don’t need the ES100, as it will make a negligible difference, if at all.

Thanks @Ali_Shafai !

The Accord is set up to Bluetooth Stream so I am hoping that with the Apple Camera Adapter and the ES100 plugged in via the USB-A port on the adapter I can stream to the Honda and improve the quality? We shall see…

Is the ES100 recognized by Roon if you plug it in to the USB-A port on your computer?

Thanks again for your feedback.

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Yes, Roon does recognize ES100.