Streaming to Airplay worked first time then stopped

My setup is with a Synology NAS setup with a share drive Z:. Tidal linked in to Roon. Roon runs on a decent PC with Windows 10 x64 i7 processor and lots of memory. The PC also has JRiver (current/previous server and control point)

Roon version 1.1 build 99.

The endpoint (Renderer) is a Classe SSP

First time I installed Roon yesterday and connected to the Airplay device identified by Roon on the Classe SSP. It worked well.

This morning I turned everything on again and tried to stream some music to the SSP and … nothing. A long delay where there was no response then Roon showed a track playing. However there was no output at the SSP.

I tried streaming other albums and Tidal. Same kind of response.

I tried JRiver and it worked but with “interference” that sounded like break up. Restart PC and the SSP and JRiver worked ok.

So I tried restarting everything again and checked Roon. Same things happened. Closing Roon allowed use of JRiver without trouble.

I checked settings and could not see anything that looked different to what I had setup yesterday. The SSP is the same as it was yesterday, unless something was updated without my knowledge. I do not think this would be the case.

So I am now looking for clues …

I eventually tracked down most of the issues. When iTunes starts anywhere on the home network it seems to hijack the AirPlay endpoint device. This stops Roon from working until iTunes is closed or the endpoint in iTunes changes to another device (eg local PC). Apple does not seem to play well with others. iTunes, of course likes to start up when you connect an i device to a computer and with the rate that they drain when showing what is currently playing, you need to charge them.

I saw the same effect with an Aires Mini too. It uses AirPlay as a transport until there is a Roon Ready update.

So there you go. I never did use AirPlay for anything previously and did know all that. Hoping this is of use to someone else who will not need to wast as much time on it as I did.

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