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This string

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Mixed Formats

DSP → Filters → Procedural EQ → Mix → Invert phase




I want translate like this.

Some of the “Composed by” strings are used in Roon, but the “Nowplayng” does not show the translated string.

As you can see in the picture, many simplified Chinese are not displayed

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@alec_eiffel - We are not expecting in-app messages to be translated at this time.

This one seems to have been forgotten in the translations database:

There was also a small Alarm bell-icon upon the release of b 923 on the top right of the screen, a notification which presented info on the fresh release of a new version. This was completely in English even if my language is 100% translated.
However, i cant seem to find this notification again…
(Perhaps it’s only visible on the desktop version? That’s where i saw it)

See 2-3 posts above. @noris answered « no plan that in app messages will be translated » which is puzzling in two ways:

  • what’s an in-app message?
  • and why not translating it if it’s part of the GUI which is designed to be localised?
    In that case it’s even worse because it’s a message that every user will see.
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Hi All,

Thanks for the reports so far, we have just updated the master list at the start of this thread!

An in-app message is the one that you screenshoted earlier, this is communication through our app:

This is also the in-app message that Mikael saw:

These messages are sent through our marketing tool and translations through this are not possible yet, but I have notified the team to see if we can work on this for the future.

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One of the “phrases” in the recently synced strings is proving to be a challenge for the translations tool:
“Convolution is a powerful signal processing method…”

The interface is not suitable for long pieces of technical text like this one, very confusing and not doable, on an iPad say…


Version 1.8 (931) Polish translation:

*The character string is missing in Play Queue in Simplified Chinese mode

There seems to be a string which is not available for translation. The one on the translation server seems not to be used here:

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2.0 1107