Strings Missing From Roon App - Report Them Here!

Hello All,

Please use this thread to report strings that are present in the Roon app in English but are not available in the Translation Tool for translation to other languages.

When submitting a report, please indicate the missing string (in English) and also attach a screenshot of where you see the missing string.

This is a Wiki post, so Translation Admins can also add/remove items as they get added to the actual app or new missing strings are found.

Current list of missing strings below:

  • Signal Path → Mono to 2.0
  • Live Radio → Languages filter
  • Album details → Mixed Formats
  • DSP → Procedural EQ → Mix → Invert Phase
  • Zone Settings → This (phone)
  • Roon Settings → Storage → Music Folder
  • Multipart composition → Now Playing → Composed By
  • Now Playing → Go find something to play!
  • Roon Settings → Find RoonOS Devices → More about RoonOS

Recently resolved (4/14/21):

  • Home > Recent Listening > Click on date > Month string
  • Artist page > Aged
  • Playlists > All X Tracks
  • Play Now/Now Playing Details → Composed by
  • Roon Settings > Setup > Configure Roon OS Core: Make sure your Nucleus or Roon OS Core is turned on… / More about Roon OS
  • Albums > Focus > Inspector > Small Cover/Medium Cover/Large Cover
  • My Albums > Focus > Album Type > Other
  • Focus > TIDAL Library/Qobuz Library
  • Settings > Setup > Text size
  • Device Setup > This (Not actually missing - see link below) →
  • DSP → Filters → Procedural EQ → Mix → Invert phase
  • Home > Recent Listening > Click on date > m string
  • Settings → Allow for more photos
  • Settings → Album page preferences


Let’s begin, I just found one.

On artist page: missing string for “aged”.

This string was already added to the wiki in the first post.

I know and see but I cannot translate this into Dutch in translation tool…

Sorry, I meant in the wiki in the first post of this page. Have just corrected my post again.

Haha, I just did that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, I mean four lines above.

I think I need to go to bed!

[I’ll remove it}

Me too. Good night. :upside_down_face:

Added to the wiki : “Other” in My Albums > Focus

“Composed by”

(At the moment I am not able to mark the string on the image.)

I will not add this string to the wiki for now because it was translated four years earlier.

@noris Roon 778: ‘Text Size’ is translated but did not make it to this release…


Confirmed, translated in the database 13 days ago but absent from B778

I have edited the wiki post.

I deleted the following entries because I think they were fixed/changed:

  • Customize Album Display > Show album rating/Show MQA/Show album format
  • Setup General > Show playlist on album page / show tags on album page
  • Settings > General > Show Tags on Album Page


  • Settings > Setup > Text size (see post above)

Is still an issue on all my devices with Build 790.


I think I was a bit hasty. Probably not fixed until the next build.

Seems to be fixed.

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Compositions: The predefined instrumentation strings as well as period and form, the later two maybe not doable if not predefined too:

And all the predefined credit roles:

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