Struggling To Set Up Roon

Roon Core Machine

PC Windows 10 Intel

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin Broadband Hub 3 Nighthawk Router

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

2000 tracks

Description of Issue

I have taken up the trial subscription to Roon and also to Qobuz. After installing Roon on my Windows 10 PC I downloaded the app onto to my ipad. When I opened the app it showed that it was trying to connect to my PC but it now seems to have stuck with a red dot and saying ‘Connecting…’

I am not particularly tech savvy and am struggling to know what to do next ?

Any ideas would be appreciated

There are different reasons it could be occuring. Here are just a quick few to check. Fellow user here btw

  1. On the PC, turn off firewall as a test, and then try to connect from ipad. If it works then you have to add Roon,RoonServer,Raatserver to the firewall exception list.

  2. Check to see you are actually running two different networks, one for Ethernet and one for WiFi. The easiest way to see is to compare the IP addresses of both devices. One way is To use an app called Fing. It should read your network and tell you information about everything connected, including IP address. If the devices, PC and iPad are on the same network the first three number sets will be identical, ie. and; the first three 192.168.0 are identical so on same network.

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Perhaps I’m stating th obvious here - but it bears mentioning that in order for the whole Roon system to function, you need to run a Roon Core somewhere. Like on your PC; either “headless” (“Roonserver”) or a full client (“Roon”), the latter being a Roon Core as well as a Controller. If you just install the Roon software on your PC and then try to connect from you iPad then that won’t work. There’s no Core running anywhere for the iPad to connect to.

How is that different from this

Are you trying to say the Roon software needs to be open and currently running on the PC for the iPad to find it?

Yes. There must be some instance of Roon software running somewhere on your home network.

Thanks for the responses.

Rugby, you were correct. I turned off the windows firewall and the app then immediately connected with my PC and I saw my PC hard disc music files. So now I am trying to establish Roon as an exception to the firewall rules but again I am struggling to do this. What settings to I change please ?

Try this for some help

OK, I made the changes to the firewall and the app is now working and recognises my PC music files files and my Qobuz account.

Many thanks for all the help

Next question, can someone point me in the direction of a good video or web page that explains how to get the best out of Roon. Please note that my new streamer / amplifier does not actually arrive until Tuesday so I can’t actually play any music through it until then, I simply want to understand as much as possible about it now

There’s a Roon channel on YouTube with some instructional videos, perhaps that will help? Otherwise, the knowledge base (and this forum) is a mine of information.

As @mikeb has mentioned, the knowledge base and the forum are a great place to start, but if you have any questions, or there’s something you don’t understand, just ask. There are a lot of knowledgable people here and I’m sure that they’ll be happy to help you get started with Roon.

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