Stuck, cannot update sonic transporter to build 882

Roon Core Machine

sonictransport i7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet through orb satellite, and melco switch, have run direct connection to the orb satellite without the switch but with the same results.

Connected Audio Devices

I use 3 zones:
Desktop into ropiee and aune dac
Study with Metrum Ambre and Jade dac
Living room with Soundaware into terminator

Number of Tracks in Library

129,019 tracks

Description of Issue

Hi Everyone,

For weeks now already I cannot update roon core on my sonictransport i7. It is stuck on build 850 and won’t update to build 882 no matter what I try. I have disabled automatic updates on my ipad so I continue to have access to my library, but my phone is a different story, whenever I try to open roon this is what happens:

I have found some additional information, in my friends home I can download roon from either http port 80 or https port 443, however in my home only port 443 works. That’s where I am stuck, it just times out on port 80 and even though I can manually download the from https, there isn’t anything useful I can do with it. Has anyone experienced this issue, and if so, resolved it?

I don’t see a Roon Core logged into your account running on a sonicTransporter, so we don’t have the visibility that we would need to dig into the problem.

@agillis, maybe you have some input about how to get @Benjamin_Smekens’s sonicTransporter into a better state.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling Roon.

Make sure your sonicTransporter is updated to Sonicorbiter OS 2.8

@brian the email address is: [moderated: private email address removed]

He couldn’t log into the forums so I’m helping him with the issue.

@agillis the sonic orbiter is on the latest version 2.8

Don’t post private email address here as bots pick them up. Send by private message.

ok if you need some help from us go to and click on Contact US.

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