Stuttering audio stream

Roon Core Machine

A dedicated Intel NUC (NUC7i5BNB, I5, 16Gb)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Full UniFi (UDM Pro, AP: Nano’s) ISP: Ziggo, bridge conf 600/50

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Node 2i (wired), Bluesound Powernode (wireless)

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Stuttering audio stream (every 20s sometimes work, sometimes better, there is no difference between wired or wireless connection. Sound quality is very good.

(replying as another “full UniFi” user at two different locations, no stuttering ever)
Are your tracks local or streamed from Tidal or Qobuz? If local, where are they stored?

Qobuz and Tidal only. I disconnected my local lib.

I use Qobuz (Western US) without any issues on both locations. The few times I’ve had issues, I tested with local tracks to confirm it was not a problem with my local network.

Thanks Fernando for your insights. I do expect it’s an isp issue, and that will be a to big challenge to address (they will just test access/connection speed). I wish Roon could buffer the stream so I will not notice it. Using the native BluOS Controller software of Bluesound/Nad (thus excluding Roon): same issues. Using Spotify: no issues, using Apple Music: no issues. It’s such a shame after spending so much in my setup a basic stream is not working.

RoonServer pulls down the next track from the music service at whatever rate is allowed by your ISP. If there is some channel contention on your local areas network, that can be enough to interrupt the core->endpoint stream; for instance, of some of the links for this traffic (ISP->core->endpoint) are wireless.

Yes, I understand. Thanks.
Also I do assume this is the formal support contact point for customers, could one of Roon support people jump in to address a way to solve my issue.

Have you read this?

Thanks Fietser. I will check it. But I’m pritty sure it will be OK.

Networking Best Practices

For homes that require multiple access points

1 Your Roon Core should always have a wired connection Yes/OK
2 If your library is stored elsewhere on the network, always ensure that both your Core and storage location are using a wired connection. Avoid WiFi between your Core and media storage at all costs. Yes/OK
3 Avoid connecting high resolution/high performance audio devices to Roon via WiFi to ensure optimal performance. One Bluesound wired, one Bluesound wireless. Both: stuttering
4 A wireless connection from your remote device to your Core is perfectly acceptable and expected in most cases Yes/OK
5 WiFi interference Not Applicable
6 Poor quality or underpowered routers Unifi UDM Pro
7 Misconfigured access points Unifi Nano
8 WiFi Range Extenders No
9 Multiple Subnets No
10 IPv6 No
11 Audio Dropouts Yes
12 Remotes that don’t connect to the Core Not Applicable
13 Audio devices that don’t show up in Roon Not Applicable
14 Skipped tracks and playback interruptions. Skiped: none, playback interruption: no, but stuttering
15 Error messages including No
16 Power cycling your Core machine Done, same result
17 Simplify then Rebuild – connect Roon to UDM Pro (instead via Unifi switch) Done, same result
18 Managed Switches - flow control, pass multicast and broadcast traffic Checked, same result
19 EOP Checked, same result

Both signal paths.

Hi Harold,
Can you test if you have the same issues after turning off “Headroom Adjustment” in Roon?

Hi Frank. Same results.

Not completely accurate. It seems better now. It’s not completely gone, is it the nuc I wonder?

There is also a troubleshooting guide for dropouts available:

If the Nuc is new then it should be ok, but as it’s about 5yrs old, I would open it up and check for clogged fan, assuming it’s not in a Fanless case. I’m guessing it might be thermal throttling. Is it ruining hot?

I will check this wizardofoz. My nuc is in a rack, maybe not the best environment for a nuc. I will clean it and connect the nuc using a switch in the living room. If that does not work I will buy a nucleus , mini Mac or Mac Studio to replace the nuc. I already tried another Roon server (on my MBP - connection is wifi only) this works fine.

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Hello @Harold_Nijveen ,

Have you had any further issues since your post? If you are still having difficulties, can you check to see if System Output on a Roon Remote or the HDMI output from the NUC also exhibits the same behavior?

I’m working on it. My plan is to update my server rack and get the nuc out of it. In the server rack the nuc is sharing the space with two pihole’s. This weekend I managed to migrate the pihole’s to my home server (same rack, different layer). I did switch off the pinholes and… the nuc issue disappeared! I still plan to clean the nuc, but this is already a result.

My problem is solved! Raspberry PI + Intel NUC in proximity of each other will cause the stuttering. As stated above I decommissioned my pihole raspberrypi’s: all no more stuttering audio stream.

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