Stuttering?of streams and file playback

Roon Core Machine

windows 11, hp laptop, Core i3 10110U @2.10GHz 2.59 GHz RAM 4GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

plusnet hub on WiFi connection

Connected Audio Devices

USB DAC Cyrus Soundkey

Number of Tracks in Library

9600 tracks in my library

Description of Issue


I have experienced what i would describe as stuttering on some streamed tracks and FLAC files played back from my library.
i am new to digital playback and roon previously ipod direct to my amp so new to this world

thanks in advance

Can you connect your core via Ethernet instead of WiFi and see if that makes a difference.

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Hi Daniel

Thanks for the suggestion that would help with the streaming stutter(if thats the right term) but it would not helpwith replaying files from my laptop libary. I am gussing its a computer issue maybe ram i dont know im no expert

So your music is on a local drive to the core? And your DAC is plugged into the Core?

yes my core (laptop) has music files on it and also use the laptop for streaming
i have a cyrus soundkey dac pluged into the laptop

Hi Darren,

Fellow user here, btw. If you have your music on the laptop and playing those files is giving you skips, then I would concentrate on using that as the baseline to figuring out the issue, since it eliminates the network. The next thing I’d do is eliminate the Cyrus and set Roon to use the laptop’s System Output as a test. If you can play to that without issue, then you know the cause lies somewhere with the Cyrus.

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Hi Daniel

Thanks for taking the time to reply, i witll give that a try, it may well be the Cyrus DAC as it was purchased secondhand so i have no idea of age etc.
i am working away at the moment back at the weekend so will ahve a play around then and report back


Hi Daniel

Im having some difficulty playing back from my PC can only playback through the Cyrus even when disabled the other playback options dont work see screen shot


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