Stuttering to play even a tiny mp3 file

Roon (much hyped) 1.8

Roon core running on a Mac Mini, which was running the Roon core smoothly till yesterday with 1.7

Roon Bridge running on DietPi SBC, running smoothly till yesterday with 1.7. Just noticed the Roon Bridge vesrion is 1.7

Project Digital S2 Dac.

After upgrading to 1.8, even a tiny 5mb Mp3 file is stuttering and pausing and sometimes just stopped playing.

I was thinking the issue could be Roon Bridge still with 1.7. so, I played on Airplay to my Apple TV 4K, still the same issue.

The only upgrade feature we wanted was folder tree. But, this upgrade has just taken away what we have already.

Roon Bridge is still on v1.7 - it has not been updated. Have you tried to restart your Mac Mini to see if that helps? You might also want to try to play through the internal speakers of the Mac Mini, just to try to identify where the issue is occurring in your playback chain.

Yes tried. As I noticed Roon Bridge is 1.7, I wanted to give a try on Apple TV via my iPad with 1.8 remote. Still the same issue.

1.7 IS the correct version of RoonBridge. There is no 1.8 version released.

I got that point, thats why I tested with iPadOS and Airplay to play on an apple TV. The stuttering issue is same and muisc stops playing after 1 or 2 minutes.

Sorry for the trouble here, @Shafi_Ahamed!

Is there any change after a reboot of the Core machine?

Can you provide some details on the specifics of the Mac Mini Core?

@dylan The latest update after rebooting the core and Mac Mini did not improve. What I found out is my Mac Mini late 2012 has 4GB RAM. I spent some bucks to upgrade the RAM to 16GB and I found the results are amazing. I got the performance back with even higher demanding upscaling to 512 DSD.

I can safely conclude, the new core demands more resources to run smoothly.

Since the performance part is clear, I would like to give feedback on UI/UX. The old one was better and I don’t see any big difference. The folder tree option will only do better for the people who already have sorted the music based on their brain core. Pls consider.

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