Suddenly CORE not found

No changes whatsoever have been made to our system, but this morning the Core suddenly cannot be found (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc).

It is installed in a NUC. (The NUC can be seen on the (ethernet) network) and everything is listed as “OK”

For 2 1/2+ years, ROON has run without a problem. If there is a glitch, rebooting devices always cleared this up. Today we have rebooted ALL (incl. modem/router, switch, etc) devices several times. Reinstalled the Roon app etc

Not seeking to get into the weeds. Suggestions appreciated.

When you say it’s installed on a Nuc, do you mean it’s running ROCK or ?

Can you reach the web GUI from a browser and try restarting/ resetting Roon there?

ROCK is on a NUC

I have touched nothing here since (I did not set this up; my son did as a birthday present in 2019). All I have done is reboot components.

Thoughts? (This was a sudden and first time event/problem) Thank you.

Everything looks fine and the fact you can reach that page is encouraging.
I would try to reinstall the os using the reinstall button.

If the switch had failed how is he reaching the rock’s web interface?

In the screenshot it looks like you have a VPN client active, is that new and have you tried with it switched off?

VPN has been present since before ROON. As I indicated, this is a sudden change. Where the CORE cannot be found. I had not touched the re-install button, hesitated to do so. Obviously, want to restore access to Roon but also am academically curious as to how this suddenly occurred. Thank you.

Do you know how to ‘tail’ log files and access the data drive on the rock?

No, I am clueless. Wondering if clicking reinstall would be destructive. The iPad is stuck on initializing.

It should not be “destructive” at all.

But as it is now Sunday evening maybe wait to see what official Roon support has to offer?


Jim, much appreciated. That apparently was not it, but thank you for the concept.

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When I get home from work, I’ll click on Re-install.

As with most, time is a luxury not often available.

I did click on search for another CORE (or whatever that is called) when the CORE was not found and that resulted in my iPad reading “Initializing” even if I delete the Roon app entirely and reinstall. It reverts back to that screen (only on the iPad, not iPhone or Mac).

My streamer has DS Lightning which I have never used, and worst case, I could begin using it.

Really appreciated all the input from all of you. It was an unantiicipated outcome to find that Roon would no longer play.

Have had no contact from Support so shall proceed on my own.

Hey @7NoteScale,

Thanks so much for not hesitating to get in touch through our community forum: welcome :wave:. It is really nice to see that while Monday came around and we returned to work, you have engaged with a few of the members on our community :relieved:

Reinstalling the OS on your NUC is not a destructive action, so feel free to try that.

You mentioned that your iPhone, iPad and Mac no longer connect to the NUC. After reinstalling ROCK, would you please also uninstall, restart the device and only then reinstall Roon on your remote devices (for iPhone and iPad you can find Roon in the App Store, as for your Mac, on our website)? Do they connect then?

Reinstalled ROCK, then uninstalled, restarted, and then reinstalled devices.

  1. Still “Waiting for Roon Core” on the Mac

  2. iPad and iPhone state (endlessly) “initializing”.

Same as before.

It is as though the Apps are no longer pointing to the IP address

Hey @7NoteScale,

Thank you for doing all of that :pray:

Would you be able to just temporarily, disable the VPN? Do the remotes connect then?

As stated above, the VPN which has always been here; connected or disabled has no effect.

I suppose the specific issue is getting the Apps to point to the correct IP address. It is as if the Apps do not point to the Roon’s NUC’s address.

Hey @7NoteScale,

On your remote, on the screen where it is trying to connect, could you please click help? You will then be prompted to enter your Core’s IP address (which seems to be Fingers crossed the remote connects that way :crossed_fingers:

On that page there is this. Not “help”

Thus no place to enter the Core’s IP address (Mac computer)

Hey @7NoteScale,

I should have specified, it’s on the first splash screen of the remote. To get there from where you are, please click on Select a different Core. On the screen it should say “Choose your Roon Core” and that’s where you should be able to select Help.

Here are some screenshots showing the page: