Suddenly lost 146 k physical files from the Roon library

Absolutely yes!

It will vastly speed up the initial scanning time.

more power for the audio-analysis during scan is not a good idea!

Read this:

Sorry but that does NOT say that it is not a good idea at all??

This is how I run mine and have had zero issues ever.

However it is totally up to the op on how long he is happy to wait for the initial scan/ import to complete.

read this:

Just to clarify: Roon scans my music folder from time to time and that is reasonably fast. It is the import phase (adding to the library) that is taking a long time for me.

That’s clear, if everything is already scanned, it only takes a few seconds or minutes. I have already managed to scan or rescan 300,000 titles in one day. However with the version 1.7

But I have also experienced that it hardly progressed for hours. In any case, I think it is advisable, like the support, to disable many secondary processes that are not yet needed. The audio analysis does not really help with the detection, but only stops. It is needed at the latest when a song is played.

Interestingly, it was always the same data and also the same technique, just different times of reading. It will be related to the change in the concept 1.8, the multitude of problems indicates that there is a certain helplessness with standard answers that are no longer solutions. Nevertheless, my respect to the brave Roon supporters who fight with the flood of problems.

Sometimes I think it would be better for all customers and service engineers to humbly go back a step to 1.7 and then re-implement many improvements more problem-free.