Suddenly lost 146 k physical files from the Roon library

Roon Core Machine

Win 10 PC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Music files are on a Synology NAS

Connected Audio Devices

Library Size

JRiver Media Center finds 159 k music files.

Description of Issue

As far as I can tell all music files were imported to the Roon library. Then suddenly, for an unknown reason, there were only 51 830 files reported by Roon. The clean library option informed me that there were 146 885 deleted files. At the same time Roon reported analyzing 76 098 / 87 396 files.

No files have been deleted from the NAS.

How can I get the files back into the Roon library without rescanning?

I am new to Roon (actually on my trial period), so I also wonder if this happens a lot.

I suspect it has something to do with your NAS connection/login. I’m sure someone from @support will be along to help, but in answer to your last question, this has never happened to me in 4+ years. It is not a typical Roon problem. Good luck.

Hello @Soren_Oman,

Thanks a lot for getting in touch. I am sorry it was because of a problem, especially as you’re trying to explore Roon during your free trial. We’d love to help.

Could you please let us know how is your NAS (containing your music library) connected to your Windows 10 (the Roon Core)?

Could you please send us a screenshot of Settings → Storage?

Also, if you navigate to Settings → Library → Skipped Files, do you see anything there?


The NAS is connected to the LAN via an unmanaged switch and the PC is connected to the same switch.

in a rescan I just did at least > 170 000 files were discovered, but nothing was imported (except maybe an album I added yesterday) to the Roon library.

In the skipped files section there are only 4 music files and < 20 jpg-files.

I attach some screen shots (I use the Swedish translation).

PS. I am not sure the uploading of the screenshots succeeded, so here are links also:

The screen shots again.

@beka Any ideas?

Hi @Soren_Oman

Let’s focus in on an example here. Can you share some screenshots of an album that is in the Musik folder but is not showing up in Roon? What is the path to that albums?

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It looks like you are using mapped drives to point to the storage location. Iirc roon prefers using SMB shares

Here is an example. None of my Abbey Lincoln albums show up in Roon.

As @wizardofoz said, try to use \\DISKSTATION\Musik instead of JOBBMASKINEN > [F:]Musik

Add a network share to the library and use your NAS credentials:

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I added the mapped drive as a network share also and scanning and importing is under way. Can I remove the mapped drive from my folders to scan? I am getting duplicates now and I hope removing the mapped drive will get rid of them and speed up the scanning.

Yes, you may remove it or disable

Hi @Soren_Oman — Are things looking better using SMB?

Yes, thanks, I think so, but Roon is still scanning/importing. Only some 57 000 tracks have been added yet. Roon says “Of 276672 tracks, 57340 added”, but I have only some 159 k tracks. Why is that? It will take a very long time to import 276 k tracks.

I disabled the mapped drive and the duplicates went away.

pictures in your folders? 159K → 277K possible?

Large libraries on LAN attached storage are going to be slow. I bit the bullet and moved my 13tb library to a 16tb internal drive and never looked back. Use the nas as a backup location now.

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Yes, there are pictures in the album folders. But Roon informs me of the number of “tracks”, i.e. not pictures.

You can temporarily increase the speed of import / library analysis:
Settings -> Library -> Background audio analysis speed - > Fast (4 cores) (or more)
Then back to Fast (1 core)
And don’t forget to backup Roon library after import.

I thought that was just for the audio analysis (as it says) – replay gain, for instance – once the tracks are imported into the library. What is taken a long time is the import until the Roon database has all tracks. Will applying this setting speed up import (scanning and looking up the Rovi data)?