Suggested hardware

All depends on your library size.
I tried OS X with Apple PCIe 512 SSD - didn’t work on very large library for me.

Now super happy with Intel Skull Canyon - running Roonserver headless on Win 10 for two weeks without any issues.
I’m not bothered with the fan noise, as it is server for me. I don’t put it in the music listening room, but have it general TV room in closed cupboard, to feed two casual listening zones in realively noisy environment. So while fan some noise is there, it is OK.
Just ordered 2nd Samsung 950 Pro 512 PCIe SSD to create RAID 0 to speed up search.

Even if fan noise becomes a problem there is a solution. I bought a fanless case for my 2 NUC’s. Both cases are Akasa ( I have an 5th Gen i5 running Win 10 with Roon Server headless with Fidelizer and an i7 running (Win 10 as well) everything else (PLEX, DVDFab, Roon, etc). I have an SSD in both NUC’s and all the media (music and video) on a NAS in another room. Silence, golden silence. I can highly recommend the Akasa NUC cases.

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It also depend on the cpu. An i5 or Xeon will run pretty well anything Roon. If you are looking at an older Mac Mini or MacBook, you might have issues.

The read speed on these SSD is already 2500MB/s. What increase do you anticipate when used in a Raid0? Is this more of a “do it and find out” ?

Just curious…

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I’m targeting to increase read speed from ~2500 to ~3500 MB/s - it will be limited by DMI 3.0 performance.
Let’s see how Intel NUC6i7KYK NUC will perform.

Reason for this experiment is realively slow search in Roon taking 5 - 30 sec depending on case. The bottleneck is library reading from SSD, as CPU and RAM utilization is only 15-30% with max load I could create.

I hope Roon team is working on further optimization of search engine while users are doing experiments on HW.


Ok…thanks… That’ll be a noticeable jump in read speed then. Do report back what you find.

@brian and @danny may be interested to follow as you have one of the more extreme library sizes here.

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Understatement of the year. I cannot for the life of me fathom how one accumulates that much music. Until I read his posts I thought I had an illness, I’ve since realized I have mere symptoms.


Work in media (radio, music magazines), DJ, studio or distributor, inherit a collection, purchase a lot… All very legit reasons to end up with a large library. Other less legit options exist as well I am lead to believe.

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I for one would like to see Roon branded hardware. Just for the core. I’d buy one :slight_smile:

You mean, something like this? Admittedly, it’s running Roon Essentials, rather than full Roon, and it is limited to 15,000 tracks, but it’s along the lines of what you were asking for, I think.

We are about to announce a lot more Roon Core partners in the upcoming weeks/months.


Actually. I was thinking more alone the lines of a Roon branded device, that comes with Roon core and ready to go.
So it would be branded Roon, and pretty much only run Roon
But thanks though

This is awesome news. I’d love to have a Roon core only device :slight_smile:

There are going to be Roon Core only devices out there (in pretty cases), and we plan to open up the operating system (Roon OS) in case you want to DIY the machine yourself.

We don’t want to sell Roon branded hardware because:

  1. building a hardware business is very different to a software business, and we tried that 10 years ago with Sooloos… we’d like to stick to software with Roon
  2. we have more than enough partners who are willing to build great hardware
  3. we wouldn’t want to compete with our partners

That said, partnerships come and go, and some are better than others. Also, some partners build products we love and some build products that we accept. When we see hardware we love, you will see us actively pushing it. We might start to be vocal about that on our website some day…


@Danny that is axactly what I meant and wanted. Having just the Roon OS, but in dedicated hardware (with a pretty Roon logo lol)

With the Roon OS for DIY’ers like me that is going to be awesome. I wanted to put a new PC together just for Roon and nothing else so now I’ll wait :smiley:

Perfect, now we need some pretty Roon logo stickers or padges (or a .PNG file)

I’m building a new music room and having a dedicated Roon box will be the icing on the cake as I only use Roon for file playback now.

AWESOME news mate, thanks

See the cafepress site linked in this thread for all your Roon sticker/merch needs.

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Thank you very much sir :slight_smile:

Oh and a fellow Australian too @andybob :smiley:

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Very Good News!

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