Suggestion: change "CD" quality indicator to the actual sample rate

The bitrate indicator on the album thumbnails is great (24/192, DSD128, CD,etc).

However, the “CD” bitrate indicator is a bit of an anomaly. All the others show the actual bitrate, so this one should too. Music may have been ripped at CD bitrate but not come from a CD so it’s potentially misleading.


I agree, I sort of understand the roots of this … but on balance for consistency and clarity it should be the sample rate.

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DSD128 (or xxx for the matter) does not represent a bitrate either.

Sorry I should have said sample rate. My point was that a numerative value is given, except for “CD”.

I think that there are two groups that logically go together. One group is CD, SACD, Vinyl, Web, etc. Second group is 16/44, 24/88, 24/96, 24/192, DSD64, DSD128 etc. But it’s a minor detail. Not something that worries me too much.

I think you need both. You could have a vinyl rip, at various sample rates.

Yep, one should be the Sample Rate as we are discussing here and the other should be a “Vinyl” user tag and / or a version comment.

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Would be nice to have a “source medium” hardcoded into the metadata - CD, vinyl, web, etc. This can be put into the version info though I would have thought that such a significant metadata would be deserved of its own field.

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Does ROONALBUMTAG & ROONTRACKTAG not support that?

Yeah, I realise that you can add tags for just about anything - you don’t need ROONALBUMTAG, you can just add the tag in Roon. What I was looking for was for the info to display somewhere in Roon, not just in the tag field.

This is something I’ve been meaning to inquire about for a long time now. I assume you are referring to the “CD” label that Roon places on the album cover thumbnail at its lower left corner? I have noticed that as long as a file is 16/44.1 (from Tidal, for example), Roon will automatically/eventually label it with “CD”. I prefer only my files that are actually ripped from physical CDs that I own to have this label – that way I know if I have the actual hard disc media in my library, or if it is a downloaded or streamed file. If it is downloaded or streamed (from Tidal, etc), then I would prefer it to be labeled with the bit/sample rate rather than with the “CD” I don’t know where or how to change this, or if it can be changed. Can one edit the “CD” overprint label that occurs on album cover thumbnails?


Likewise, if I was to rip a file from an actual record which I own (which I haven’t done so far), I’d like it be be labeled “Vinyl”, as some others have mentioned. I wouldn’t want the “CD” or “Vinyl” to be replaced by the bitrate; I like knowing if it came from physical media in my own library. There could be a Roon default value for this field, depending on what most subscribers prefer, but I strongly believe it should be an editable field.

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It should show both - sample rate/bit rate and the media source.

This is not a new discussion. In fact, it has been brought up from time to time since this thread from Dec 2015:

Extra info should also include sample rate/bite rate, original format, rip date, ripper and equipment used (at least in the case of vinyl and reel) if we want to be more inclusive.

How about replacing the whole CD,Vinyl, bitrate with something that actually has got anything to do with the music itself like genre info. I really don’t get it why this kind of info, which is totally not music related, has any place in direct sight while all music related info is mouse clicks away. I thought Roon was a “music” player

It’s the whole lineage of the album. If you’re interested in different masterings & pressings of releases (and I am aware that not all are) then being clear on the source is important. If you just want to stream your mp3 off Spotify then less so.

Why this disdain? Do you really think people who are interested in music instead of bitrates are just mp3 spotify streamers?

Lol…that was said in jest. Similar fun could be poked at the audiophile anoraks.