Suggestion: service-specific track / album availability

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of errors thrown after tapping to play an album; “This track is not available on [Qobuz, usually].” As I subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz, this error has only been thrown recently (in the past few months). My suspicion is that (after a recent Roon update) after adding an album to queue, without a specific version of said album being specified, Roon decides which version to play based on fidelity. Which is great… unless said service doesn’t have said tracks / album available, in which case the queue simply skips said tracks. It would be great if the software could determine what was available on which service after a given track / album / etc is added to queue, and dynamically navigate the available options in order to mitigate the lack of availability on any given service. I’d rather listen in a lower fidelity on Tidal than receive a “this track isn’t available” error due to Roon’s decision to select the Qobuz version.

Are the tracks that give the error played from playlists or directly from an album?

Directly from an album. I’ve even changed Roon’s selection preference from Qobuz to “no preference” and it keeps happening. The only solution seems to be telling Roon to prefer Tidal versions, which is not my preference.

Somewhere on the forum you will find a fuller explanation BUT I doubt it’s anything to do with a Roon update.

This is normally because Qobuz/Tidal has moved the album, often for licensing reasons. Maybe it was temporarily unavailable during the change but you wouldn’t notice.

Your playlists, bookmarks, tags etc stores the location of the file(s) when you added it. Qobuz moves the album, your reference is out of date therefore Roon cannot see the file

I am not sure Roon could even attempt to automatically correct such references

Am I right in my assumption?

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This feels like a reasonable explanation, but this also happens with albums not saved or bookmarked in any way. I press play on an album and get a flurry of errors as each track fails to play. It would be nice if Roon could somehow mitigate this by detecting if a service no longer has the album and seamlessly switch to another service’s hosting of said album.

Also, even after changing the “streaming service preference” setting to Tidal, Roon is still reverting to Qobuz which triggers a flurry of errors followed by the “too many errors” message.

I don’t know but it may also be to do with how often Roon syncs with services. Certainly new releases show on Tidal a day or 2 before Roon shows them due to this

How are you finding and selecting the album to add to the queue?

Either from searching for an artist, entering their page, clicking on an album and pressing the Play button, or from a suggested album on my Roon home page. Again, this also happens with albums that are saved in my library.

Hi @Nicholas_Harsin ,

Thanks for the report here. Can you please share some screenshots of what the issue looks like when it occurs on your end? After sharing this, we can enable diagnostics to see if logs provide further clues as to what version is being played, thanks!

It hasn’t happened in several weeks; if and when it does within a month of this posting I will certainly share screenshots. Thanks!

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