Suggestions For Choosing a Streamer/DAC

Hello, I appreciate suggestions for choosing a Streamer/DAC with a $4k max Budget working properly with ROON

Audio System

Amp/Pre: Macintosh Ma252
Speakers: Sonus Faber sonetto III
Roon Core: Mac mini i5 SSD256

Posible options: Lumin D2 ( T2 seems out of my Budget), Mytek Brooklyn Bridge, Matrix Audio Element X or sOTM -2000 ultra Neo USB connected to a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+
Stream box S2 Ultra can be an option for the sOTM

I would Really like to be able to full Decode and Authenticate MQA, I like the Sound and results for streaming Tidal.

FLACs of my Library are important too. I have never Try DSD but it would be a good feature if possible. ( I am conscious that the Mini won’t have Native DSD) if I get a streamer would that be a possibility?

I am trying to avoid connecting a DAC directly to the USB port of the Mac mini, Ive seen underperformance when connecting DACs directly to the noisy computer USB port.

Am I missing any good option for my needs and budget?

Your suggestions would be very handy since I only can buy such an audio equipment when I travel to the USA. So going to Dealers or audio rooms to test the options is not a possibility for me.

Final Question to the guys with Hi End DACs. Do you really notice sound improvement when Oversampling above 24/192 khz? I know the Brooklin Bridge can’t go higher than that when working as a streamer via Ethernet. Is that important, noticeable or perceptible?

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Add the Teac NT-505 to your list.

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Thanks Henry

I just checked the NT-505 in the TEAC website! Looks very interesting.

how can you describe the NT-505 Sound signature? Is the sound quality the same using USB and Ethernet?

RPi3B+ (I’d stay away from the 4 for now) with an Allo HAT, RopieeeXL and a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2D. This combo will give you EVERYTHING you asked for in your description and sound amazing for under $1K

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I don’t have a good picture of your suggestion, but I am checking… thanks

Use this as your streamer:

This is the DAC:

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The one on top of my list is: Naim ND5 XS 2. It is very minimal, the idea being to put the value in the components. But you hardly need a display (which can fail) or a remote if you are using Roon. Should fall into your budget of $4K with a bit to spare.

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Hi, I have found Ethernet to be good. Direct input to the USB input is equally good and perhaps even a little better to begin with. But sticking with the Ethernet input reaps benefits in the end with usability. Also, don’t see the DSD128, 192/24 specification of the Ethernet input as a limitation. The NT-505 will leave DSD unaltered but can upsample PCM to DSD512 at the DAC stage.

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I can recommend Simaudio. I have the Moon 390 Preamp which is Roon Ready, decodes MQA and DSD256.

Since you have a Preamp, you might be interested in the 280D Streaming DAC.

Cheers, Greg

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Thank you Greg, looks nice. I am going to dig more about it.

Have you ever listen to the NT-505 plus CG-10MB Clock combo? I just wonder how it sounds.
The CG-10MB is not that expensive for a OCXO presision clock. and can be used for other 4 Devices.
I have listened to Master clocked DACS and sometimes there is a nice somoothness in the sound. But is not always the case.

Getting the Nt-505 and upgrading the clock sometime later sounds exciting. My only concern is when a NT-507 is going to be released, since it looks like TEAC is releasing a new model every 18 months.

I have the clock. It synchronises the NT-505 and a 50 Ohm version of the Uptone ETHERRegen switch. My sense is of that of pin sharp imaging rather than smoothness.
I don’t know if a successor to the 505 will follow as quickly as it did for the 503. I think a big part of the reason was the AK 4497 chip which came very quickly after the AK 4490 in the 503.
Back to the clock, would I buy one knowing what I know? Maybe not but it was a very good price at the time and I had the option to return it if unhappy. It stayed.

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