Suggestions please for a cheap(ish) Roon ready streamer/dac


I am looking for a relatively cheap (sub $/£1000…) roon ready streamer/dac, ideally with a line level output option, to feed a headphone pre-amp, and again ideally of modest size. I know about the Bluesound Node, which I’ve not heard but seems to tick most boxes. However I was wondering if the denizens of this site can recommend anything else. Any suggestions most welcome.


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Pi2 Designs Mercury
IFi zen stream
Allo Signature (or another model depending on what you want)

But I’m guessing that the BlueSound will tick more boxes for you.

Thanks for the suggestions, Johnny. However these are all streamers rather than streamer/dacs. The iFi neo stream does look very nice but is just more expensive than I could justify for the intended purpose.

Oh sorry. I misread.

Yeah, I don’t know if there are other integrateds in that price range. Me, especially at that price, I would buy separates and get an RPi streamer and the DAC I wanted, but that is not the question you asked.