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sincerest apologies

Do yourself a favor and do a search across the forum for the phrase “sincerest apologies”. There’s a lot of apologizing going on.

Not to imply anything at all bad about the Roon folks (as I find them particularly helpful and nice), but the phrase “sincerely apologize” has lost all meaning. I just posted a customer service inquiry at the Neil Young Warner online store. They responded within seconds. And the response started with “We sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry….”

Reminds me of the answering systems of almost any business one calls “please listen to all our options, as we have recently changed our system.” Evidently practically every business has been constantly changing their phone answering systems for the last 5 years. :flushed:


I agree, nothing disparaging about the Roon staff. My point is that it’s taking them a very long time to address issues. I feel like its a staffing quantity issue, not quality. Though of course the more staff you have the harder it is to maintain quality.