Support for 3 and 4 channel layouts

Hi Roon Dev Team @brian

Can you please allow 3 and 4 channel layouts.

Or even better, allow the user to just select a number from 2 to whatever, like HQPlayer allows me to do.

It’s currently very restricting for people doing multichannel DSP.

@Niklas_Nilsson @Jarrod_Cohen

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Thanks for getting back to me. I actually found a work around and it was to create a silent phantom 5th channel for my quad channel files. Now they play. A forum member over at created this functionality in software he developed. Probably worthwhile sharing this info with the greater Roon community but, I don’t know the best recommended way to do so,


Would you please share a link where I can get this sowftware.
Is it for win10 or linux?

Here’s the link to the thread and go to the first post. I don’t know about Linux but I use it on a Windows machine.

Please see my posting here, I solved the issue :slight_smile:
Solution for 4-Channel Motu M4 or focusrite audio interface and XO in a F.A.S.T configuration - Tinkering - Roon Labs Community

@DrCWO Glad to see you solved it. I’m pretty tech savvy but that solution is way over my head! Hopefully Roon will be able to implement a permanent fix on their side in 1.8 or in the near future

I tested the Motu M4 Four-Channel Audio Interface.
Very nice device but only two playback channels can be used in roon!

Going to the “Device Setup -> Show Advanced” I only can select “Channel Layout” of 2.0. There is no 4.0 available!

In the “Signal Path” during playback I see:

  • Convolution Filter: 4 path, 66k taps
  • Bit Depth Conversion: 64Bit Float to 32Bit
  • Channel Mapping: 4.0 to 2.0

I guess this is an issue for all Four-Channel DACs. With other Applications channel 3 and 4 can be used with ASIO and ALSA.

PLEASE ADD 4.0 to the “Channel Layout” so channels 3 and 4 can be used within Roon.


I’ve requested the same previously. Would be great if it came to v1.8 next week or soon after.

See: Support for 3 and 4 channel layouts

Just to let you know, I found a solution :slight_smile:
Solution for 4-Channel Motu M4 or focusrite audio interface and XO in a F.A.S.T configuration - Tinkering - Roon Labs Community

Good to see you found a solution to your problem.

Mine is a different problem - I need 4-channels for a 4-channel DSP crossover.

This is exactly what I did. Two woofers plus two fulrange speakers. The XO runs on the roon core, the Raspberry delivers the output to four channel Motu M4 :wink:

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Thanks I’ll have a closer look.

I still hope Roon can make it as simple as their other channel mapping currently supported

That would be best because my proposal requires a Pi and many people like to drive the soundcard directly from Windows.

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Are you able to share an image of your sd card? This would be helpful for users not great with Linux.

Many thanks

I will offer it in the rooExtend platform when I am ready with it.