Support for DFF files

I was surprised that Roon cannot handle DFF files and could not find this topic in the requests. I cannot be the only one with music in DFF file format. So this is my request to add DFF format capability to Roon.


I guess it doesn’t matter as much in the context of Roon, but DFF doesn’t have such great metadata support. Also, there’s a free tool available to convert DFF to DSF:

I haven’t had to use it that much, but when I have, it’s worked very well, and it’s very easy to use.


I’d second the use of the 2many robots tool. I used to have some dff files but no longer.

For Windows DFF to DSF there is this tool (Another great Bogi Free Tool)

Thanks for the suggestion. This converted all but one of my files, and very quickly.

Thank you guys, this helped me convert several albums I wasn’t able to enjoy with Roon. Much appreciated.

About DFF to DSF files conversion : you can get information here as well : Big DSF files duration not correct [Explanations]