Big DSF files duration not correct [Explanations]


The DSF files I have with a big size / duration are not correctly seen in Roon (they are properly seen / managed in Foobar).

For example, for files >30 minutes and more than 1Go, Roon mentions 8 minutes or 20 seconds.
When Roon reads the files, it actually stops reading after the wrong duration (i.e. after 8 minutes or 20 seconds) when the correct duration is >30 minutes.

Where does this problem comes from please ?

Thank you.

Interesting one. Haven’t spotted this.
@mike @brian


As I’m trying to find an explanation, I see that those big files have the same problem in Foobar (Contrary to what I mentioned in my initial post).

The files with this problem come from DFF converted using “DFF to DSF converter light” version.
It looks like the problem comes from this tool, only with big size files.

Let me investigate and keep you posted.


Hey @PhD69,

Thank you for an update, let us know how is your investigation going.


Let me detail the steps, I’ve followed:

  1. Conversion of DFF files using “DFF to DSF converter light” version.
  2. Works properly, except for the very big files (1.2 and 1.4 Go). Their duration is truncated in Roon and Foobar.
  3. “DFF to DSF converter light” version wrongly convert those “too big” files
  4. I’ve corrected the problem using “DFF2DSF_context_menu_Win7_Win8_v122”.
  5. With this tool, the duration of the very big file is correct after conversion.

Note :

  1. “DFF2DSF_context_menu_Win7_Win8_v122” doesn’t like files with “too long name”. It refuses to convert them.
  2. Very simple solution applied : temporarily rename the file (shorten it), convert, rename back to the original long name.

Additional information about DFF to DSF conversion tool here : Support for DFF files