Support for streaming opus format?

Hi, any change to see support for opus encoded files?

I have here a few lossless encoded content, some from youtube, where it used as best quality audio, and some audiobooks, where i encoded to opus due to space saving. I like the format, as I can have small files, with a reasonable quality for play on my mobilphone. But it would by also nice, if I can them play at home on my audio-systems. On part would be also to stream it to my Sonos, which also don’t support this, so use roon as a converter, as it works now with high-res content.

Maybe some radiostations will also go into this in the future.

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They are either not encoded with opus or lossy then.

What has high-res to do with the request for opus encoded files support?

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+1 for Opus support. I’ve been slowing converting my MP3s to Opus and they sound much better at 19kbps than MP3 at 320kbps. The space savings is significant (about 1/3), as is the sound. At 160kbps, Opus is considered transparent. Even as low as 64kbps, Opus sounds better than other formats.

As I understand it (see Sources below and the links contained within), Opus does not cut off frequencies at lower levels when the bitrate is reduced. You get the full range even on lower bitrates. Opus excels when compared to MP3 (especially encoding with LAME) which will cut off audio at lower frequencies as the bitrate is reduced. Note (again, based on my understanding), this only applies to full band opus, which I believe is the default setting for most Opus encoders.

And Opus is still under active development. It’s only going to get better.

Anecdotally, with a carefully set equalizer on Foobar2000, Opus at 192kbps sounds superior to any of my 320kbps MP3 files. Both the Opus and the MP3 files were created using my uncompressed FLAC library. The difference can be stark.

It’s just a shame that Roon produces such high quality sounds, but continues to ignore what is (arguably) the best lossy format available today.

(I had several links for Sources, but as a new user, I can only include 2 links. So I’ve edited my original list to include 2 Reddit links which include most of the links and discussions.)

Sources: (copy & paste 4tw)

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