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I use HQPlayer embedded 4 on my NUC (see profile) with ubuntu server 18.04.2 and Roon Core (build 416). I can normal playback pcm content 44.1 khz with upsampling to DSD 44.1x256 but I can’t do it with pcm content 48/96/192 khz with upsampling to DSD 48x256 (playback does not start) although I can do it from native HQP interface. Why?

Hi Katun

In HQPe config do you have “48k DSD” enabled?

Do you know for sure your DAC supports 1bit 12.288 MHz sample rate?

Sure !
Here are the screenshots from desktop (playback to the same NAA - my ethernet DAC on dual mono AK4493):

Hi Sean! How does it work for you?

I do not understand anything! Roon on my NUC play 24x96 through WinHQP installed on the desktop with Win7 (HQPlayer Desktop), but does not play 24x96 through HQPlayer 4 embedded installed on that NUC. Endpoint with NAA is the same in both cases. HQPlayer settings are also the same. :frowning:
Is there really a problem with HQPlayer 4 embedded ( Version 4.10.2)?

You are missing check in the “48k DSD” box under “Network Audio backend”. This means that the backend filters out 48k-base DSD rates (because most DACs don’t support it). While you demand such output with “Auto rate family” combined with 48k-base PCM input.

This same setting is also in HQPlayer 4 Desktop. But doesn’t exist in Desktop v3.

Desktop v3 and Embedded v4 are somewhat different. But Desktop and Embedded v4 use same engine.

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