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Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini mid 2011. Dual core 2.5hgz. 8gb ram.


I have a question about Roon 1.8 for Apple.
Does anyone know how much longer Roon supports the 1.8 version? 6 months? One year? Two years?

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Roon said 12/31/2022, but maybe if there is a bug, they will address it. What is the problem?

Personally I think the communication was unclear. Obviously it continues to work, regardless of whether there is support for it, and as you say they might well fix a serious bug now or in the foreseeable future, or address changes needed by streaming services. But if macOS 14 or Windows 12, etc. need larger changes? I have no idea

Not a problem. So far. Roon said they will not support 1.8 forever,… but I/we don’t know how long Roon will support version 1.8

Maybe you can just go by what they said until/unless they say something different.

Okay… We’ll the problem is if I have to buy a new Mac mini or not in the nearby future?
It’s a bit unclear for me.

That’s what I meant. It certainly works now with macOS 13 but I have no clue about the future. (Personally I always considered staying with 1.8 as a guaranteed dead end, even though I wasn’t thrilled about the always-on requirement in 2.0. However, eventually I accepted it because I found a solution I can live with - getting a router that can connect to a phone by USB and use that for internet in the event of a landline outage)

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What’s the ‘the always-on requirement in 2.0? Does that mean the Roon core have to be always on?

It refers to the fact that the Roon Core needs to have an active connection to the internet at all times.

Aaah, okay. That’s not a problem here. Thanks!

Hi @Nick_Huizenhaar ,

There is no set date yet for when Roon 1.8 support will end. In the context of “support will end”, we mean that there will come a point in time when no more additional 1.8 releases or bug fixes will be published.

If you have issues on Roon 1.8, support staff can still assist in the #support category, but do note that Roon 1.8 will not have the same bug fixes and improvements that 2.0 has.

If internet connectivity is a non-issue for your Core can run Roon 2.0, I would highly suggest upgrading to Roon 2.0 to ensure you have the best experience moving forward.


Thanks! …but is’t not necessary anymore. I just bought a new Mac (M2) and I’m running Roon 2.0 now:)

It’s running fine;)

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