Surface Pro 4 Static [Resolved]

Hi all,

I’m experiencing an issue where Roon works fine for a minute or less then I get static coming through. I’m 99 percent sure its not Roon’s issue. Plays fine, wait a bit static comes through wiggle mouse and it goes back to playing fine, and it goes on from there.

I have fiddled with all the setting in advanced power management. There is something on the surface pro that is reducing app performance even with all power saving features off and set to maximum performance. It most notable as it coincides with when the screen dims however disabling dimming does not resolve the issue and I suspect windows is also adjusting other things when the screen dims.

Any suggestions or workaround is welcomed.

Roon x64 234
Windows 10 Pro x64 1703
Surface Pro 4 i7 16Gb

Roon Core on mac mini > Roon Surface Pro 4 > Simaudio Moon 380D DSD > Stax

Hi @Hiroshi_Dalpadado, how did your resolve this … what was the root cause of the problem?


I ended up restoring to factory default. The root cause was that previously I had installed aiso4all and even though I had uninstalled it, it does not uninstall cleanly leaving registry entries etc. This in turn affected the asio and waspi drivers for my moon neo. Rather than trolling through the registry and leftover files, I just simply recovered my windows install back to default. I reinstalled asio4all and tested 3 times. Each time after the uninstall of asio4all the music plays but you get a staticy crackle as it plays. Reinstalling the moon drivers does not resolve the issue, however the recovery method worked every time. Each test was with after windows was restored to factory default with nothing but drivers, up to date with windows update and Roon installed.

Hope that helps.


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