Switch from Sooloos to Roon with Qnap

I previously tried the Roon trial period to switch from Sooloos to Roon but ran into a few snags. I want to give it another try if I can get answers to a few problems.

Meridian 861v6>v8+ID41 with:
-Qnap TS-251A 2-bay
-2X WD Red 1TB NAS Hard Disk Drive
-iPad control

Roon core is installed in my Qnap. Qnap > router > ID41 in my Meridian 861.
I use the iPad or my PC to control Roon.


  1. The volume control on Roon does not work. I have to use the Meridian controller for the volume. How do I get the volume to work on my Roon app. A related question, Sooloos used to turn on my Meridian, can Roon do that?

  2. I am unable to select a HD Drive to put my Roon Core on the 2nd HD Drive to keep it separate from the library on the other drive and to allow me to upgrade to a SSD.

  3. I am unable to do an export or back up of my Media files (library) from Qnap. Sooloos was a simple Export and back up.

  4. I seem to recall somewhere that you have a “subcontractor” who is a specialist on setting up Qnap for Roon, which I found once but was way over my head, and now I can’t find it again.

Hi @Dolf_Daam,

How do you have Volume Control set up for your Meridian zone? If you right click on the zone name (on PC) or click on the bottom right volume icon -> cogwheel -> device setup, what do you have configured as the Volume Control? Is it set to Device Volume?

You should be able to specify the database location in the QNAP Web Manager after selecting the Roon app, do you see the option to set your database location there?

If you navigate to the tracks browser, select all the tracks and click on the 3-dot drop-down menu -> export, you should be able to perform the export that way. I am not certain why you would want to export the files though, you can point Roon to the existing media location to set the folder as a “watched folder”, see Add Folders By Path for more information.

You’re probably thinking of @crieke who is our resident QNAP/Sonology/NAS expert.

Thank you for your terrific clear reply.
Unfortunately I just had my router quit and when I replaced it I lost my connection to my ID41 in the Meridian 861. I am working on fixing that then I will go through your advice.


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Thank you for your help! Unfortunately my system has been down for 2.5 months to fix a simple glitch, thanks partially to Covid-19, but I not only got it working but I went through your advice and I have Roon working and I am finally listening to my music!

However there is one remaining item. Fortunately not critical as it is working but I would like to clear it up. As per Roon advice I want to put your Roon core separate in one bay and my music library in the 2nd bay of the Qnap. And then on Roon recommendation I will buy a SSD drive for the bay with the Roon app.

In the instructions at:


It says:

Once you have Roon installed click the open button to open the app and then when the window opens click the configure button. Here you will select where to store the Roon Core. Make your selection and click save. Now you’ll see the Roon Overview page. Here you can change where the database is stored or restart the Roon server.

When I “…click the configure button. Here you will select where to store the Roon Core. Make your selection and click save.”, this box comes up:

Select your storage location




Data Base Location No Folder Selected Save

I can’t see anyway to select which bay of the Qnap to select.

Then when I do the second part: “… Roon Overview page. Here you can change where the database is stored…”

When I click on the change database location, I get the same box as above, no way to select drive 1 or 2.

Looks like you can select volumes (a.k.a shares) of your NAS. Create a volume for Roon on the new SSD and then select that volume.


Hi BlackJack,

Thanks for your quick response.

I’m sorry, I must not understand your advice as I don’t see how this will let me select where to store my Roon app and library data in my Qnap.

However I tried to follow the intent of your advice. Via Qfindeer I logged into my Qnap > Control Panel > System > General Settings > Storage & Snapshots > Disks/VJBOD. Here I can see my 2 disks, but how do I tell Roon where to put what on which disc?


You can find QNAP’s documentation here and from there: Volumes (including how to create one). You may have to create a new storage pool first (IDK as I only have one).

The documentation for the QNAP Roon app might contain additional information. Maybe @crieke can provide you with more/better guidance.

Hi @Dolf_Daam,

Glad to hear you got the setup working!

For any configuration issues with the QNAP itself, @crieke is probably the right guy for taking a look at that :slight_smile: .

I would make sure you have read his guide first (the one @BlackJack linked):

Hi @Dolf_Daam,
I am not fully sure, what you have already done so far.
If you add a new drive to a QNAP, you’ll need to tell your QNAP, how this drive should be used. Common options are: As part of a storage pool (e.g. RAID) or as a single disk…
This is done in the “Storage and Snapshots” app. (If there was some data already on that drive, it will be erased during this process.)

To store data on this new volume, you have to create a shared folder in the control panel and select the new volume in “Disk Volume” dropdown menu.

This shared folder should now be available in the Database location selection, when you click the Configure Button in the QNAP Roon Server configuration. (or “Change database location”, if you already have set some other location before and want to change it to the new shared folder).

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Thank you gentlemen. With BlackJack’s link’s and Crieke’s clear step by step instructions I am starting to understand how this all works.

Fortunately I have my Roon music working so I can afford to leisurely take my time to understand the big picture how this all works so I don’t get frustrated getting mired in the details.

Interesting tangent, with this I am appreciating the beautiful simplicity of the Nucleus. Apparently it also has an appreciable improvement in sound quality so I am seriously pondering taking that leap.

Thanks again!

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