Switched Cores: iPhone and iPad do not recognize

I switched my Core to a new machine today. Works great from my Windows 10 PC.

My IPhone and iPad want me to unauthorize the new Core and will not proceed without doing so.


Hi @mourip,

Just to verify, using the Windows 10 PC allows you to connect to the new Core, but the iOS devices want to you unauthorize? If you choose to unauthorize and then select the new Core for you does this work?

Thanks for the question. Actually it asked me to deauthorize the new core so I did not do that.

I deleted the IOS app entirely and reinstalled it. It then allowed me a choice between the old core and the new core. Evidently if you switch to a new core but want to keep your old install as an end point you basically need to leave the old core in play. Not sure why the IOS app does not follow the core move.

My new core works fine but the old one had to remain up in order for that PC to still be an endpoint. It would be nice to bring just the server service down while leaving the output enabled…

I eventually figured out that I could just turn off the service on the old Core, connect these devices to the new Core and then bring the old Core back online since I still needed it as an endpoint.

It would be slicker to either have two versions of ROCK or be able to selectively disable the server service while leaving Bridge up…

Hi @mourip,

Glad to hear that things are working for you now.

If you’re just using the old Core machine as an endpoint, you can install RoonBridge on this device instead of Roon.

Thanks. True about Bridge but unless one feels comfortable with Linux all the other OSs require a purchase. I am trying out Audiolinux but having an issue with having two endpoints running at the same time.

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