Switching Tidal Accounts

I need to switch from my current Tidal account to a new account because I was given a six month free coupon code. Will I have to re-add the Tidal albums that I have already added to my Roon library?

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Yes, Roon displays only albums which were marked as favourite in your TIDAL account.

So how do I do this without losing the MANY hours I have spent finding Tidal albums and adding them to my library?

Cant you just add the coupon code the Account page in Tidal on your current account?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to migrate your favorites between Tidal accounts right now, and it’s not a request we’ve heard many times. Sorry there isn’t more we can do here, right now @Nick.

@Mike - I think you will be hearing this a lot more. Tidal is giving out these free accounts with lots of different devices. In my case, a DAP with streaming. Another example, is the Auralic Aires Mini. As a software engineer, I hesitate to tell another engineer that something is easy, but it sure seems like adding an import/export for Tidal favorites should be almost trivial.

@AgDev01 - Unfortunately, no. They require you to cancel your old Tidal account and create a new one. Very annoying. Makes me feel like I’m cheating them since it is really for new Tidal users, but I’m told they are ok with existing users going the cancel/rejoin route.

I believe you’re looking at it from the wrong end.

Tidal favs are imported into Roon. So, if your new account would have the same favourites, you’d be all set.

Perhaps you can create playlists for all your favourite accounts, albums, songs in Tidal.
Use soundiiz.com to export and import from your different accounts.

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I had to change my Tidal account because I started it in the UK before it was available in Germany. Erik at Tidal Support transferred everything across for me.

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Thanks for the ideas guys. Will go both a try.

I believe you’re looking at it from the wrong end.

Tidal favs are imported into Roon. So, if your new account would have the same favourites, you’d be all set.

Finally got a chance to try this. It does not work. You lose your favorites. Still no import/export in Roon either. I will contact Tidal and see if they can help.

Erm, you can use Focus to display only your Tidal albums (selected via the “Format” button). Once you have those albums showing, then select them all (right click on one, then Ctrl-A to select them all). Then export them to Excel… The export function will create an XML file on your desktop, which can be opened in Excel…

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And how do I get them into the new Tidal account after exporting to Excel?

There is an export function, so you can at least make a list of your favourites… Importing is still a manual operation with the list to hand, but it’s a start.

Well, thanks for the suggestion, but it will not work for me. As I said earlier, I have hundreds (928) of favorites, so manually re-adding means many hours of work.

Tidal support did the transfer for me. Problem solved!


I’m glad I looked here and found this thread – hopefully Tidal Support can do this for me also.

Tidal Support just told me that I need to sign up with Tidal using a different email address in order to get an account in a different country. Apparently not enough people move from one country to another… (I’ve only done it 8 times in the past 30 years.) The geolocation information of the IP address used during signup determines the country of the account (permanently).

In their reply they also offered to help with the process of switching accounts – so now I know what to request. :slight_smile:

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I did it last month took them 10 minutes.

I switched Tidal accounts in December. I emailed them asking to transfer Playlists and favourites to the new account and they did it within two days. Roon treated all the Tidal albums as having been added on the new date, I would have preferred Roon to retain Date Added, but that’s a minor issue.

Hmm… so I also started fixing metadata for Tidal content in the past month. I guess I will probably then lose all those edits as well.

I went to Overview > Albums > Focus > TIDAL out of curiosity: 3641 albums.

TIDAL Support copied my favorites and playlist over. After I got an email from them I used the TIDAL app to inspect “My Collection,” but it resulted in many “server error” messages. I waited overnight and now all looks great there.

However, on the Roon front things are a bit sad: while all the albums were re-added, I’ve lost all my metadata edits as well as all my likes (as I’ve mostly been listening to TIDAL tracks thanks to my local music being MP3 files, and thus not the primary version of an album; the 11 likes that were to my recent new rips in FLAC are still there, out of over 66000 total tracks).

In hindsight:

  1. I should have signed up to TIDAL from Finland to begin with, as there is a lot of Finnish music that is not available otherwise (well, at least not from a U.S. account).
  2. [FEATURE SUGGESTION]: It would be great if tracks had a Roon ID that applied to all versions of a track, so that edits and likes would apply to all versions of the track. This way when an album becomes unavailable on TIDAL (or some future streaming service) the local data could be retained and applied to a local copy as well (whether it existed before but was not the primary version, or if I add it after losing it from streaming).

Well, live and learn.

And next I should learn about Roon backups and exports so that I can have a copy of my likes (and possibly other edits) that I could at least manually try to apply later.

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