Switching to a new Core

Hi, looking to see if Roon Core runs better on a new Mac Mini M2 than on my current Windows machine. I installed Roon Core on the Mac Mini, setup path to my music files and restored onto the Mac Mini the last library backup from the Windows machine.

However, I notice that despite the backup restore, Roon still rescans the files and updated the library. Why is that? The folder where my music files are stored resides on a NAS and so both the old windows core and the new Mac mini core are seeing the same files.


I would think part of it is updating the paths to the music in the DB as the core (or starting place for Roon to look from) is a new location. Another part could be going from Windows core to Mac core and the way they each handle the files or need them to be indexed?

Did the scan go quickly? How big is your library?

Not sure if that’s a problem as noted by @bearFNF, but did you follow the instructions? If yes, I suppose you should be fine?


Thank you. Let me try following the steps exactly!

They are very particular about the specific order in some places, maybe it makes a difference in your case :slight_smile:

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