Sync Tidal playlists in Roon

My Tidal playlists don’t synchronise in Roon. After some weeks serveral numbers are missing in my playlists. These numbers are still available in Tidal, but don’t in Roon. What can I do to sync my Tidal playlists again in Roon?

Welcome to the community Peter.

Have you tried to sync TIDAL from within Roon? Settings - Services - Tidal (click the service) - Sync library now

If this does not sync your playlists, I would suggest removing the service, adding it back on and then have Roon re-scan TIDAL again.

When adding releases to your Roon library, do these sync?

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Hi @Peter_Peters_Sengers

Are these playlists that you created in TIDAL, or playlists that you found and favorited in TIDAL?

If you create a new playlist does it sync over okay?

What happens if you favorite a track or album — Does that sync?

If you have Tidal playlists that are large (thousands of tracks) Roon can struggle to sync them . I had that issue a year or so ago and it still seems to struggle.

They do eventually come through but it could take hours/ days. May not be same issue for you of course.