Synchronised playback with Sonore Bridge & Naim Musos

I have a Naim NDS running other Naim gear for my main system and two Musos in other rooms.

Roon core is on my Mini Mac, the music files on a Synology NAS, all connected by ethernet. The NDS is also on ethernet, the Musos are WiFi.

My plan was to use a Sonore Bridget UPnP device so that I could use Roon as my music controller running the NDS as well as the Musos (currently I use the Naim app which plays all in Sync but is awful)

I want to be able to play my main system and Musos in sync which I believe they need to be grouped together, is this possible?

If not is there another way to make them play in sync without downgrading the SQ of the NDS (for instance airplay downgrades the NDS quality)

Hello @David_Ratcliff,

Since the Sonore UPnP bridge is not a Roon Ready device, we are not able to make any guarantees about what functionality will or will not work with the device. I would direct your question to the discussion thread about the device for further information.