Syncing playlists with itunes - delete in itunes but still in roon

Hi, I have a bunch of playlists in roon, via my itunes sync, that are no longer in itunes.
I would have thought that deleting them in itunes would cause them to disappear from roon but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Is there a way to sync deleting itunes playlists?

Hi @Peter_Galvin,

Roon should see this these changes in the iTunes XML file and remove the playlists that are no longer in iTunes. Have you tried rebooting your Core machine since deleting these playlists?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

Ah, maybe the problem is what folders I have Roon monitoring, and where the .xml is being stored. I recall there is some limit, that the .xml has to be in one of the monitored folders or some such? I have the .xml on my boot disk but my music on 2 external drives…

Hi @Peter_Galvin,

Yes, the syncing of the playlists would be dependent on the use of the XML file, as mentioned in our iTunes documentation. If you have Roon synced with your iTunes in as mentioned in the What’s changed in 1.3 section of that article then you should see this working as expected moving forward.

Thanks, got it solved by playing around with where itunes stores its index/xml files and where roon reads them from.

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