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Trying to install RoonServer on my Synology Diskstation. I create the RoonServer folder on my SSD and download the x64 package for DSM6. When I install it from the Package Centre I get the attached error message. Any help appreciated.


I would check that /tmp isn’t full.

Does the download page have a md5sum or checksum file so you can compare the values and confirm its integrity?

Are permissions set to allow the user running the installer write permission?

Thanks for the quick reply. How do I check (and empty) the /tmp folder on the Diskstation? I downloaded the installer (several times) from the Roon website.



Have you been here?

Hi Bernd…yes, that’s where I downloaded the installer from

I ssh into the machine and do the following(turn ssh on under terminal and snmp):
df -h /tmp it will tell you if it is full or not.

user@FatBoy:/tmp$ df -h /tmp
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
tmpfs 251M 1.1M 250M 1% /tmp

if it is full, use this to find the 10 biggest offenders.
du -a /tmp | sort -n -r | head -n 10

rm <filename> to remove it

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Thanks Paul

appreciate your details but it’s all double Dutch to me! Is there a way to do it from FileStation on the box? (I’m a Windows man)

I do not know. I’ll look, should be some sort of file explorer type thing right?

Hopefully! Nothing obvious after a quick google though…

It looks like we are expected to map it all as a giant share and use the Windows file explorer.
I’ve clearly not done it that way. I installed file manager and share out only what I wish. File manager is a misnomer though. it is a share creator.

Hopefully someone who has used it will help you.
If not, I can help from the command line.

Thanks Paul
It’s weird because Storage Manager shows a load of free space

I am going to offer up the idea that, the location you wish to install this to doesn’t have permission to do so, and the error is telling you full because it can’t explain why it can’t write.

These are the permissions on the RoonServer folder

Nothing appears selected. I do not know what the default is, I would assume (hope) deny.
see if giving permissions to users helps.

Thanks Paul…I’ll give that a try but the default for admins is rad/write and that’s the account I’m installing the package under…

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