Synology DSM update

Roon has stopped working on my Synology server after an update to DSM 7. Apparently Roon software is incompatible with this update. The update cannot be rolled back. As I only use the server for music playback this is a very bad thing.

So you were unable to find the thread about DSM7 where the issue and solutions are being discussed. Here it comes:

or directly get the beta installer from (download at bottom of that page)

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Bart Koekkoek, I just tried installing the Beta version and it works! Thank you, it has been a quiet few days…

Hi bro~ I was encountering the same problem. Please could you advise me about the detailed process to install the Beta version? Does it need to remove the old version first? Or just update it to cover the old version directly? Many thanks.

please uninstall the previous version before installing the beta. The need for uninstallation will be revolved in the final RoonServer DSM7 installation.

Hi crieke, thanks for your quick response. Is there any detailed instruction for the new installation after removing the old one? Is it the same with the DSM 6.x version, like create folder balabala…?

You can specify the location where the Roon database is stored during the setup. It is not required (but of course possible) to have a shared folder named “RoonServer” anymore (like it used to work on DSM6). During installation you also need to specify, on which shared folder your music files are stored. (ideally the music files and the database path should be on different shared folders).
The installer asks for these folders, so it can give write access to the database shared folder and read access to the music shared folder. This is required due to the new more restrictive permissions for third party apps on DSM7.

Hi crieke, thanks for your detailed instruction. Appreciate it indeed! One more question: if I still use the existing folder named “RoonServer” which was previously created in DSM6, do I have to delete the old files in this folder? Or just leave them there?

You don’t need to do anything in the RoonServer folder.

The DSM7 installer should copy previously used database into a new RoonOnNAS subfolder, (when selecting /RoonServer for the DSM7 database storage location) as it does not have previlegdes to change the previous owner from “root” to “RoonServer”. By copying it, RoonServer can read and write again it’s previously created database. If everything works as expected, you can delete the old folders.

On the beta for DSM7 how can I use a shared folder on a different Synology. diskstation to play my music?
Or do I need to have the music files on the same diskstation?
Best, Eric

You can mount the external share into a subfolder of a shared folder.
For example, you could create a folder ExternalMounts/<NameOfDevixe> on your shared folder Music (if it exists, you can also use a different shared folder).
In Filestation you can mount the external device into this new folder.
The important part is, that you need to give the system internal user „RoonServer" read access to the relevant shared folder.
(Sorry at the moment I cannot provide any screenshots, as I am not home and replying on my phone. )

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working well! thank you for your guidance and time!

Hi, I tried to delete an album from my collection and disk, but I encountered error that I do not have permissions to delete. I understand that this is related to DSM 7 restrictions on permissions?