Synology NAS core won't play to Krell Digital Vanguard

My core is on my synology 1511+ SAN using core version Roon installedr script 1.0.

My Krell Digital vanguard is running Sw version 1.16 Jan 12 2017.

The Krell is on setting NET/USB.

When I select the Krell within roon, I get the message the device is uncertified.

When I play a song from roon to the Krell, the Krell displays the PCM detaild of the song on the device display, the volume control in room changes the volume on the Krtell, but the problem is that NO music comes out of the Krell. It looks, feels and acts like it is playing music but no sound comes out.

Kevin Pierson has extended my Roon free trial to work out the issue with Roon support.

Please help


Hey @mark_cauchi, the “Krell Digital Vanguard” is not a Roon Ready product–we have never reviewed nor certified it.

The only product we have certified from Krell is the “Krell Vanguard Universal DAC”. That is why the Digital Vanguard is showing up as uncertified. I’m not sure why Krell would have shipped a new product without going through the certification process.

As for the other issue–on the surface, it sounds like a problem inside of the device, not a Roon problem, since the device is acknowledging the audio stream.

Unfortunately, since Krell did not submit this product for certification, we don’t have access to one, so we aren’t really in a position to troubleshoot the issue from here.

I suggest contacting Krell about both issues.


This is strange. Krell sent me an email saying it was certified. See below:

Maybe there’s some confusion over there. It can’t be certified if we never reviewed it :slight_smile:.

We’ll be contacting them about this, too.

(cc @robdarling)

HI Mark,

We’ve been in touch with Krell.

The “uncertified” issue will be resolved, but in the meantime,we are told you likely need to update to the newest firmware.

I already have updated both the Vanguard and the digital module to the version levels supplied and recommended by Krell in the email they sent me (RE: Roon above).

The Krell shows the word Roon and the characteristics of the song being played on the vanguard display, but no sound comes out still.