Synology NAS shown as different model

My DS916+ is being shown as a DS415+

I used to have a DS415+ but replaced it. Roon Server had had a fresh install multiple times. Can this be changed somehow?

Try disabling the wrongly named one and adding one in the right name. if that works you can delete the old one.

It doesn’t seem like something I can add/edit/delete. When pointing Roon to my library on the ds916+ it just shows as a 415+

Seems to be auto detected.

Did you use the add a network share dialogue or click on the existing nas?

I can add a share. But the NAS is somehow also auto detected.

Weird, let’s tag @support shall we.

Hello @Michael_van_der_Wal,

Thanks for your report. I can ask the QA team to look into this behavior, but can you please confirm if this is this causing any issues on your system or it it just that the name is wrong?

– Noris

No issues whatsoever Noris.

Just an anomaly…


Hi, having the same issue.
I have migrated my Synology from 413J to 920+ using the same HDD.
No issue, just weird.

Read this thread:

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