System crashes after Roon install


Hi All,

So I downloaded Roon and installed fine. Love the software and the DSP engine really helps out with my setup. I am using it initially to run music in my office, and the DSP with distance settings has finally got me “balanced” when sitting at my desk!! The software works, so it seems, and I like it…

However… After playing around for an hour two on the night I installed Roon, I left it running so it could build the data base (just under 10k tracks) and analyse for levelling etc. Woke up next morning and PC was running flat out (fans going fast) but it would not respond to any mouse or keyboadrd inputs, not would the screens show anyhting but black. The screens came on, but no vis of any desktop. I had to hard reset the system.

On reboot my weather station software, which runs 24x7, had defaulted back to its out of the box settings and all customisation was lost

My system runs 24x7, and has remained stable for months, rebooting only with any Win updates or if I change something. The only thing that changed here was Roon. Was it Roon causing the issue?

I tried again. Started Roon and walked away. About an hour later, bang. Same problem. Hard reset required. So I left Roon off, and the system remained functional. Tried again the next day… bang. System reset required after an hour or so.

The event log in Win shows this for a couple of the crashes…

Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: dwm.exe (1048) consumed 13220614144 bytes, Roon.exe (10200) consumed 1178218496 bytes, and weatherdisplay.exe (12188) consumed 242814976 bytes.

Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: dwm.exe (484) consumed 13391339520 bytes, Roon.exe (8176) consumed 954773504 bytes, and weatherdisplay.exe (6836) consumed 240508928 bytes.

That’s a lot of memory being used up and the system had run out of resources.
If I don’t have Roon running, the problem doesn’t occur.

So I don’t know what my system and Roon are doing to cause this and would appreciate any assistance.
As an aside, JRiver and Itunes will happily sit in the background 24x7. I did not have either running when Roon was running.


The Roon crashes are the first set of freefalls on the reliability monitor (hope you can see the image). The most recent was Excel and related to a network issue with my laptop.

System is : i5 3.3GHz, 8GB RAM. HDD for music is USB 3 Western Digital, Windows 10
DAC is external Schitt Modi Multibit, via USB

Open to any ideas!




Hi @Tim_Wainwright ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us. Sorry to hear of the troubles.

Moving forward, I would like to get a set of your Roon logs over to our tech team to see if we can determine what could be causing this crashing behavior on the mentioned Win10 device. With this in mind may I very kindly ask you to please use the instructions found here to send us a copy of your “Roon logs”.

Additionally, during your troubleshooting of this behavior have by chance tried testing with the mentioned “weather station software” temporarily disabled just while Roon is analyzing the files in your library?


Thank Eric. I have re-installed and am now letting the PC run to the analysis with the Weather software not running. I’ll leave Roon running and see what happens. Currently it is doing the analysis, using 2 cores to speed the process (its hot here today, so will leave it at that to prevent the PC melting, 30 degrees C inside).

Either way I will run the logs over to you tomorrow once it’s been going 24 hours or so.

Is it normal for Roon to be very unresponsive during it’s first hours? I can click on a menu option and wait 15-30 seconds for anything to happen. Very poor latency in response to mouse clicks.


Hi Again,

I have left Roon running. All library analysis was complete. Weather Station software was not running. I did leave some monitoring open.

Was able to bring the screens back up this morning with mouse activity, so that’s better than a hard crash. However, the CPU was going close to flat out (Roon had 3 cores set in the Library section), and when I moved the mouse the CPU activity dropped away. This is consistent behaviour. Where teh CPU drops in this screen shot is when I moved the mouse and brought the screens back on.

Also, if i browse my library, album covers do not show, until Roon has become unresponsive and finally loads them. The covers on the below screen took about a minute to appear.

I have also attached the logs for you in an email.



Here’s the logs


Thank you for touching base and providing the requested logs @Tim_Wainwright, very appreciated!

Moving forward, I have downloaded and passed your Roon logs over to our tech team for further analysis. Once the team has updated my report I will be sure to share their thoughts/findings with you in a timely manor. Additionally, can you also please verify what version of Win10 you are currently making use of.


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Here you go Eric

Windows 10, Home.
build 16299.192

Thank you for verifying that information for me @Tim_Wainwright, very appreciated!

Moving forward, I touched base with our tech team today to get an update on their evaluation of this issue you are experiencing with Roon being installed on the mentioned Win10 device. The team has expressed some concern about the performance of the the core machine as Roon can not cause the system to completely crash.

In light of the above, the team has asked if it would be possible for you to temporarily try hosting your core on another device that is closer to our recommend specs (current CPU: 7 year old i5 3.3GHz - “sandy bridge”) to confirm what the performance is like when trying to install the application.

Looking forward to hearing your observations!

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the follow-up and keeping me in the loop on this. Sorry, can’t test on another machine, as don’t have one on which to test. That’s fine. I was only trialing Roon to see what all the fuss was about, so not at all critical to me.

Looks like I will cancel the trial, and continue to use alternatives that will (at least for now) easily run on my system.