System Error: "Uh oh somethings wrong" (ref#2LUUSE)

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What’s happening?

I'm having trouble connecting to Roon

What type of connection issue?

*None* of my remotes can connect

Uh oh somethings wrong

To add info, was notified about need to update client and server software about 10 days ago. All now running latest 2.0 build 1388. Since then can’t connect at all. Server is on a Synology 923+ (on SSD).

Server is healthy and connected by ethernet to client (MacBook Pro M1). iOS devices no longer connect

Everything worked perfectly before.

Currently paying for unusable service. Has anyone any experience of nuking the Roon server and starting again? Bit afraid to try this, but VERY unhappy at the moment

What happens if you restart your server on the nas?

Hello @Alan_Coulthard ,

Thanks for your message! I’ve activated diagnostics mode for your account and I believe I see the issue here, it looks like Roon keeps crashing because you are trying to load a 230k track library on your NAS which only has 4GB of RAM. You’ll need at least 8GB (though preferably 16GB) of RAM for a collection that size.

To solve this, you’ll either need to add more RAM, or create a Backup of the current database and then trim down the folders that Roon is watching in Roon Settings → Storage and then go to Roon Settings → Library → Clean Up Library to remove the old track references.

Thank you for the information. I don’t really understand though as I only have about 100 ripped CDs, certainly not 230K tracks. Something has changed in the last couple of weeks - regards

I have checked and there are 260 albums in my Roon music library. How on earth does this translate to 230K tracks? Even trying to clean up library is not possible because Roon won’t connect even though Synology shows the server is up and running. Is this anything to do with Tidal?

Finding this all very hard to believe…

Hi @Alan_Coulthard ,

I just rechecked your diagnostics and the logs show this as your amount of tracks:
04/02 23:22:59 Info: [library] Queueing initial load of 234303 tracks + 320478 auxfiles

Can you share a screenshot of your Roon Settings → Storage view? Perhaps these are tracks or items you have added to your library and since removed but the stale links still exist? I’d also double-check the number listed in your Roon Settings → Library → Clean Up Library.

I believe your figures are correct, on the odd time I managed to get Roon to come on (deleted server, re downloaded, same happened) the numbers are similar to this. However I have no idea why I am suddenly seeing this many ‘tracks’, as stated above Roon is pointed to a music library of only 260 ripped CDs and is also connected to Tidal.

Roon says I have 16674 albums. I suspect Tidal is at fault?

Clean up library showed 43 missing or orphaned tracks and did nothing sadly.

I’ve been waiting 10 mins for Roon to load while writing this

Hi @Alan_Coulthard,

Do you by chance have your backup folder routed into the same music folder you have added as a watched folder in Roon?

Do you have an active Tidal subscription? I’m not seeing any Tidal accounts synced to your Roon account at this time.

Hi Ben. I switched Tidal off to see if it made a difference. It didn’t.
Next I looked at my music folder on Synology and noticed it was doing frequent snapshots, with around 90 in the folder.
I moved the music to a new folder, deleted the old one with the snapshots and pointed Roon at the new folder.
Things are a little better (not back to normal but better) but to my surprise Roon looking at the new folder with 260 CDs still reports that I have 264K tracks, and the number of albums has gone up by 1000 since the other day!

I am running out of ideas here

Fingers crossed, I think I may have sorted this by switching to a new music folder with snapshots turned off. Since then Roon has been chuntering through, the numbers of albums and tracks slowly decreasing. Takes a while to sort itself out but currently looking MUCH better. Thanks everyone who chipped in!

Lesson: my music folder in Synology had ‘snapshots’ activated. This generated all those extra tracks (copies) and ground Roon to a halt.

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Hey @Alan_Coulthard,

Thanks for the follow-up and status report!

This is good information to know, and something we’ll be following up with our development team with. :+1:

Happy listening!

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