"System has run out of Application memory"

I have a new MacMini M2 Pro with 16Gb ram and 526Gb SSD and am connected to an OWC ThunderBay 4 -56Tb - running Raid 5. I have about 16,000 albums. When I turn on Roon it keeps indexing tracks well beyond what I have, eventually computer stops responding. I must do a hard shut down to quit. I never had this problem with same library on 2012 I7 16 Gb - 256 SSD HD running with a Drobo 5D

When I turn on Mini with ThunderBay storage off and only run Roon/Qobuz all is well.

Hi @Jeffrey_Kenton,

Thank you for your admirable patience while the team worked through the queue to reach your report. Recent diagnostics show your Core online with the ThunderBay storage unit identified by Roon; are you still experiencing these issues?

We’ll keep a close eye out for your response and proceed from there.

This Issue has been resolved. Thank you. I think when migrating to new MacMini indexing was taking a long time? Now according to Activity Monitor Roon uses around 7.5 GB of memory when running DSF 128. Not sure if this is high? Glad I ordered 16/ GB of ram.
I have intermittent issues with tracks skipping for quite a long time. Notification is “audio file is loading slowly , this may indicate a performance or hardware problem. When going direct usb to dac problem is not present. Am using an IFi ZenStream and went from Ethernet to WiFi and seemed to be better. But again is happening with WiFi intermittently. Speed Test shows 161MbS.

Also have the Roon spinning wheel saying “not connected to Roon core” . Again this is intermittent.

All issues have been resolved since the latest Mac OS update!

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