System Output - change of colour


This is when using my lap top as the roon endpoint, the system output is a green colour.
I have been using this lap top for weeks now and it has never had this happen.
Can anyone shed any light ?

When using Ropieee

The reason you get green is that you are using the “System Output” device. You need to select a more specific output, i.e. Wasapi (in exclusive mode) or ASIO - assuming you’re on Windows.


Why would this change?
As I say I have been using this for weeks and today this changed colour.
I will have a look in the device set up to see if I can do as you suggest.

The only thing I can think of is that the original device is not available anymore or briefly became unavailable. I think Roon should not automatically select another one in that case and just prompt for a zone selection, but I may be wrong… If you don’t want to use System Output, just disable it.

Ok I am baffled :grinning:
I have been into the device set up and cannot find out how to set it to Wasapi or ASIO
I think it was Wasapi before and I think it always has been …I will restart the lap top…