System Output Zone Disappears and Music Stops

My system has worked, without problem, until just a few days ago. When I returned from a one month trip, I started my system up and shortly after experienced this problem. Suddenly the music stops and the system output zone is missing from the list of zones. Either by turning my iPad off and then on, or by going into Roon Settings and tinkering there, the Zone again appears on the list and music will resume. This is happening very frequently - once every few songs ro at least once per hour.

My system includes: Apple iMac computer running macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.3; iPad Air version 11.2.5; and PS Audio DiretStream DAC, latest software version. Music files from external HD attached to iMac or from Tidal.

What is causing this?

Could you describe you network setup, including details on how the Core and the PS Audio are connected. That will help support.

The Computer and DAC are hardwired to my Apple Router. I just made several discoveries that lead me to believe the source of my problem is the DAC. First, when I bring the DAC back onto Roon, the song starts at exactly the point that it stopped at. Second, the DAC screen is not showing progress on the song time played. By restarting the DAC, I corrected this problem (after restarting the DAC, the screen now shows the time progressing). After I restarted the DAC, I have not had the described problem occur. I needed to move onto some other things and will listen again, tomorrow. I’ll let you know if I don’t have any further problem.

The problem has occurred twice since restarting the DAC. Much better now, but not fixed.

Hi @Robert_Farrand ----- Thank you for the report and the continued feedback! The insight is appreciated!

Moving froward, based on the symptoms you are describing it sounds like the DS is dropping off your network randomly and then re-connecting. Are you noticing any connectivity issues with the iPad acting as a remote? Furthermore, can you verify the exact model of Apple router you are making use of? The reason I ask is because we have seen issues with these devices in the past as mentioned here by our CTO Brian.

Additionally, can you please verify what “software versions” the DS is currently running.


I have noticed another issue with the iPad that just developed, also. It’s screen has frozen several times on the Roon app. My router is the Apple Airport Time Capsule. DS: Red Cloud, Firmware 2.0.7, Rev 0207, Bridge 3.5.1.

Thank you for touching base with me @Robert_Farrand, the insight and feedback are both appreciated!

I want to take a moment just to make sure we are on the same page here with the issue or issues currently being experienced so I can properly advise.

  1. In regard to the PS Audio DiretStream DAC, is this zone still disappearing in the application? Can you confirm for me how the device is communicating with Roon/your network?

  2. This most recent observations with the iPad (i.e the screen freezing) have you ever experienced this behavior outside of the application? Have you tried reinstalling the application since noticing this issue?


  1. The PS Audio DirectStream DAC zone did continue to disappear in the application. The DS DAC is connected by ethernet cable to the router. The Roon software resides on my Mac computer which is in another room in my home. The iPad is used to control the music selection in the music room.
  2. I have not experienced the screen freeze on any other applications.

Given that my iPad is the original Air model and that I’ve had it for a number of years, I decided to purchase a new one just today. I have about 2 hours of listening time using the new iPad without any repeat of the problem. Over the next several days I’ll extend the listening time and then make another update to this case.

I have listened to my system over a number of hours and have not any any repeat of the issue since using the new iPad. I am satisfied that the iPad was the cause of my problem. Thank you for informing me that me that iPads have caused issues. As I stated, I had just returned from a month long vacation. The problem did not exist when I left, it did immediately upon my return. I had taken the iPad with me and used on the condo wifi. I suspect something happened to it on that trip.

I really appreciate your help. Roon has a very satisfied customer both in your product and in your support.


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