Systemline S7 server

I have a Systemline S7 hard drive / server already connected into my hi-fi set-up. It plays OK, but the control software is rubbish. Hence I was hoping to use roon to control the play.

Therefore I just need a very simple set-up with a windows 10 computer containing roon and the S7 containing the music. At the moment. Roon plays the music through the computer fine. But I cannot see how to tell roon to play the music through the S7 - and hence through the hi-fi.

many thanks


For that, the S7 server would need to add Roon’s Networking Protocol into their product.

The one option I saw when looking at their website might work would be to add the Systemline Local Input Module (LIM) which can be used for ‘local audio’.

Thanks for the reply. To be honest I hate the S7 so much I cannot bring myself to give them any more money. I would rather invest in newer better hardware.
I will work my way through the compatible list and see what is available in the UK.
Thanks again