Tablet, previously working fine, won’t connect to Nucleus

Thank you DaveN and Tor, but these instructions are beyond me.
Does Roon itself ever intercede here? I am thinking, reluctantly, that I need to send my Nucleus to them for inspection/repair, but just getting instructions for that is amazingly unobvious.
Thanks again

The Roon Labs web page for Nucleus has a Product Warranty section. Clicking the “Find out more” link gives you information on how you can obtain service.

Now that we have established that the SSD may well have a fault, I would expect someone from the Support team to step into this thread with further assistance after the weekend.

Thanks Geoff!

Hi @Covington_Sharp,

We’re sorry to hear about your difficulty, this unit needs to be sent in for service. I’m sending you a PM to gather additional information.

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