Tablets supporting portrait mode - Best tablet for Roon


The recent Roon update included a lot of work on display scaling, but my Samsung S2 tablet still has a number of display issues included flashing and odd display artefacts (UI flickering issues on Samsung Tab S2) .

I’m thinking he time has come to retire it and replace with a tablet that has better support for Roon, but which?

I also keep reading references to tablets supporting portrait mode of being on the road map for portrait mode.

Is there a list of portrait mode tablets or the requirements for portrait mode to be supported?

I tend to favour android over iOS but it seems that ipads have fewer issues than android tablets. Given this will be a Roon control appliance is my assertion that an ipad is likely to have better long term support true?


I think that, generally, iOS has better support for tablets than Android does. But I don’t know whether that will change Roon’s level of support - they seem willing to continue to support both at present. What I can tell you is that only the 12.9" iPads currently support portrait mode. Sadly, the 11" and smaller tablets are stuck with landscape only. But the guys at Roon have indicated that they are working on adding support for portrait mode across more iPads - so fingers crossed!

The latest build has fixed my issues that I mentioned in that flickering thread. Aside from a few minor graphics errors, everything is working great again for me.


I should say- mostly great, that is. Lots of graophic errors remain in some views. Main album page was worst offender but seems good for me now.

Windows tablets (or 2-in-1s) support portrait mode…