UI flickering issues on Samsung Tab S2

Having the same UI flickering issues on my Tab S2. Model SM-T713.
I believe since the 1.7 update.

Yep mines doing it all the time, very annoying.

Hi @Neil_Denike,

I’d like to get some more information over to the team about this. Can you reproduce the issue and:

  1. Make a note of the time it occurs
  2. Record a video of the issue and share a link to it here


My pleasure Dylan. Here’s couple of short videos I grabbed:

All 3 were taken between 1:03-1:09pm on Jan. 2/20.

Thanks, @Neil_Denike! I’ve passed this along to the team and enabled diagnostics on your account. The next time your Core and remote are up and running the report will be uploaded and I’ll pass it to the team.

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