Tag bug issues…

I have tagged all my vinyl under a “vinyl” tag so I can use the Roon interface to search through my vinyl without physically needing to search through my vinyl, lazy bum that I am.

But when I view this tag, other albums show up within it which are not tagged as vinyl but which are tagged as something else (wltb is my “would like to buy” tag).

What is going on here?

Screen shots to highlight the issue…

Your entire post is empty?

Yup, sorry, just sorting!

What happens if you view one of the albums tagged as Vinyl and tap on the Vinyl tag in the album view? Does that pull up an album list that properly shows all of (and only) items with that tag or does that list have errors as well?

Interestingly under “show all” it does not show those albums, but if I then further sort them it does….

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Thanks. It would appear that we have a bug here. We’ll check it out internally and let you know. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Thanks. Just so you know, if I remove it from my library then re-add it and tag it again it the bug is duplicated. All the albums from the wltb tag show up under the vinyl tag focus but my other tags do not……

Did you tag a tag?

No, I don’t think so! The tags are mutually exclusive, anything from Qobuz I have tagged with “would like to buy” (wltb) gets that tag taken off it if I do get in on vinyl. I have bookmarked both tabs independently however……
I only came across this problem when choosing something to play last night. I was “hey great, I forgot I had bought that” and then of course couldn’t find it on the shelf…!

Okay, just that what you are describing can happen if you add a tag to a tag.

Meaning, if you have Tag 1 put on 3 different albums. Then you create a Tag 2, but only put it on the actual Tag 1. Then if you choose Tag 2 in the album view, all the albums from Tag 1 show up, but, they won’t individually have Tag 2 on them.


Hmm, I think I understand. I will delete the wltb tag and see whether the vinyl tag is then correct. Then I will recreate it and see what happens. Thanks.

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Rugby, you were spot on. When I scrolled to the bottom of the vinyl tag, the wltb tag was there. I never even knew you could tag a tag! I wasn’t seeing it before because as soon as you sort the tag the tag that is tagged no longer shows up.
Anyhow, I will now tag this issue as solved and also tag you as a good guy for helping out!
Thanks Rugby!


Any tag questions, let me know. You can create a tag that has tracks, albums, artists, genre, compositions, other tags. And then shuffle them all!!!

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