Tag manager delete a tag

I saw a thread on deleting unwanted tags (sept 2015), but I cannot seem to follow the instructions and actually remove the tags. I have 2 test tags to remove. If I uncheck them and save they do not disappear from the tag manager. In other words I want to clear the 2 tags I created, from being visible in tag manager, and therefore when I click on tag manager to create a new tag it should have no tags showing at all, my two test tags having been eliminated.
There must be a way…:confused:

Hi Howard,

If you still see the tag, then it must still be attached to an album or artist, etc.

Go to the album browser, for example, and click the tag at the top of the screen and see if it’s available. If not, try artist browser, etc.

If you see the tag, then click it and it will bring up the album(s) it’s attached to. You have to remove it from each album and save. Once the tag isn’t attached to anything, it won’t show anymore.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Click Tag
Select All (right click/long press, top left menu)
Edit Fields

Thanks Greg. I managed to remove the tags. It seems then that the way to remove tags is to remove them from all items that are tagged with the relevant tag. Rather than a “global” delete in the task manager.
Thanks for the explanation.


That is a helpful explanation I have now managed to remove the tags

Thanks Andrew.