Tagged artists seem wrong

Thanks for that Mike. Thought my tags were all sorted but listing one tag an artist appears who has no tags against them whatsoever. There must be a link there somewhere but I can’t see it. Any ideas?

What are you seeing on the tag details page?

The artist appears on the tag detail screen (Tags from the sidebar page) but when selecting “view all artist” they don’t appear. There are actually two less artist on the “view all artist” screen but I haven’t worked out who the second one is.
Definitely no tags against the extra artist though. Got me stumped.

Would you mind posting some screenshots?

Pics as requested. Have no idea why Bruce Cockburn is listed at all on first screen as no tags at all.

Thanks, I can reproduce a similar issue and I think we have a bug here :expressionless:

I’m going to get a ticket open on this, and I’ll let you know when we have a fix on the way. Thanks for the report!

Much appreciated Mike.