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I’m currently making tag changes to my album collection using dBpoweramp. This album collection is stored on a disk in my sonicTransport. I can access the drive and change the files through Windows Explorer. Unfortunately in Roon I see that the Date Added also changes. I want to keep the original Added Date. Is there a way to do so?
I know there are some topics before but that didn’t help me.
Some screenprints:
My edit

But no result in Roon
added album

Thanks for reading and helping, Bert.

You have some choices under Settings Library Import Settings

Hello Uwe,
Yes, I use the same import settings, as you can see on my screenprint, but that doesn’t help.

The other two options I didn’t try because modification is what I did by tagging it and importing timestamp is something I don’t understand.

Then dBpoweramp already makes a new file creation date when changing, which is taken over by Roon. Roon does not change anything in the file.

Why can I edit the import date in Edit Tracks, whats the use of it?

If dBpoweramp makes a new file creation can I change the date?

I darkly remember that Foobar2000 and MP3Tag had a setting when tagging where a timestamp of the file was not changed with it. There is only additionally a modification date.

But when copying from drive 1 to drive 2 this timestamp would also be lost. When moving it remains.

If from these improved tags later folder names and file names are derived (move to) the old date is also gone.

Trying to do this with Roon is a big pain.

If you are editing metadata fields, I would suggest something like MP3Tag. which should let you update the data without messing with the creation date.

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MP3Tag Tools Options


Mastering this program creates data maintenance according to all personal wishes. Certainly Florien Heidenreich has created a standard here, which still has many followers under Linux/Wine, although the competition there is great.

Thanks for your help Uwe. So I downloaded MP3Tag and it looks very handsome, seems to be more effective than dBpoweramp but need some experience.
In the next screenprint I want to change the date. Is that possible?

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Many fields can be freely defined or used according to standards. But when a file was created or modified is not an input field. It is changed automatically according to the self-defined rules.

You only have to add a new field to the display, as shown in this example. It is done by a right click on a field header.

If you want to do it with Foobar2000, use this way:

Hi Uwe,

A while too busy and a bit nervous to work with Mp3Tag. I was only able to get started with your information this weekend. Edited a few albums with MP3Tag and noticed I had misunderstood something.

It turned out that I had to check that box (red with a cross) because that way the original Date Added is saved in Roon. Without checking you will get the new Date Added in Roon.
Thanks again for your help and I’m really happy with this tagging tool that I’ll be using to edit the rest of my albums. It works really nicer than dBpoweramp.

Greetings, Bert.


@Bert_Dijkstra Bert_Dijkstra I am very happy about that. It is not always easy for me to express it understandably in my own words, because my language skills are hardly sufficient for that. Pictures should be clearer when I set the language to English.

By the way, I have tried the experimental music.

Pitchfork 2020: Best New Music

by Qobuz Qobuz

by Tidal TIDAL

It was heavily promoted because the creation was unique. I have yet to find access to it on first listen.

Yes. In my mind, they are two very different tools. And while, like other things, you can try and repurpose one tool to do another’s job. Nothing beats actually using the correct tool.

I rip using dbPoweramp; I fix Metadata with MP3Tag. :smiley:

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Got back to work with Mp3Tag last night but that suddenly gave other problems. Did I shout hooray too soon?
An album refused access to edit tags. I was able to tag other albums but the changes were not reflected in Roon. And an album was no longer recognized by Roon: unidentified. After identification, the title was changed by Roon. When I tried again tonight everything went fine. Something is not stable. Is it Windows, Mp3Tag or Roon or a combination?

Are you telling Roon to use your Tags? And perhaps more specifics about the album and data in question.

I will make a new topic because it has nothing to do with changes of Date Added.
My new topic is called: Tagging problems with Mp3Tag and Roon

One option (which I use) is to create a custom tag in your files “IMPORTDATE” and use a date format in this field of YYYY-MM-DD. Then in Roon import settings select “Use IMPORTDATE tag when present.”

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Thanks for the suggestion, it works in Mp3tag:

About date format, I did use dd-mm-yyyy and that did the job to in Roon

After working a bit more with the program, I learned the following:

If you don’t check it: Roon takes over the customized tags but also adjusts the Date Added, which I didn’t want. By entering the import date option in the tag panel, I can restore/edit the import date and Roon happily takes over. That will be quite a job.

If you do check it: Roon does not take over the customized tags. A useless action in my opinion.
I hope someone with more experience will respond to this, is what I’m saying correct?

What happens if I choose Roon import timestamp in Import Settings in Roon? Do I also get the original import date before the modification with customized tags?

The Roon import date is the Roon import stamp. If you do it now so today.

Next to it there is a date when the file was created.

If you edit the metadata there is also another date when the file was modified.

It is an information field that cannot be assigned by yourself, but results from the activity Rip = File creation, Enter/modify metadata = Modification date and if you import Roon = Roon timestamp.

MP3Tag only allows you to change metadata without a new modification date.